Friday, September 30, 2005

Al-Qaeda and the Emirates 

A United Arab Emirates government think-tank, the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research, has issued a report warning about the risk that al Qaeda poses to the Gulf States, which have been crucial supporters of the Coalition's war in Iraq. The bad guys are "busy recruiting and sinking roots in the region," although -- amazingly, if you think about it -- al Qaeda has not yet attacked the wealthy and economically liberal Gulf States (including Bahrain and Qatar).

The UAE, Bahrain and Qatar are also vulnerable, the report says, because they are an ideal "logistical hub" for al Qaeda, with liberal banking laws and far fewer internal controls than Saudi Arabia, one of al Qaeda's principal targets. All three countries are loaded up with pink and juicy Western targets expatriots, and all three are close enough to be worried about blowback from Iraq.
The Emirates think tank said the lesson of Afghanistan must not be forgotten by anyone in the region.

"Many of those who went to fight the Soviets (in Afghanistan) had left with their countries' blessing, and that didn't prevent them from turning against their countries. Which begs the question: What will it be like for those who ... are going to Iraq without their countries' approval and are accusing their nations of cooperating with the enemy?" it said.

"The danger these individuals will pose will be bigger and more dangerous," the study warned.

Perhaps this guy (one of the aforementioned targets expatriots) will do us all a useful public service and get his hands on an English translation of the actual report so we don't have to settle for the Associated Press's version.


By Blogger John B. Chilton, at Fri Sep 30, 08:50:00 AM:

This guy is working on that request for an English version.  

By Blogger TigerHawk, at Fri Sep 30, 09:14:00 AM:


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