Thursday, September 29, 2005

This can't be good news 

You have to hand it to the Palestinian Arabs -- they don't ignore Western cultural traditions. They cherry-pick our greatest contributions:
The wanna-be gangsta boys arrive in baggy jeans and oversized T-shirts bearing the likeness of rapper Tupac Shakur, looking for a chance to freestyle with the night's star performers. The groupie girls in glittery tops throw their hands in the air, cheering on the breakdancers, when the hip-hop party is brought to a screeching halt:

Time for evening prayer.

Across the Gaza Strip, West Bank and even in Israel, young Arabic rappers are trying to juggle Middle East traditions with contemporary Western culture to create a political voice for their generation.

"It's the CNN of Palestine," says Tamer Nafar, a way to broadcast the news. Nafar, a skinny 26-year-old, is helping to turn Arabic hip-hop into an international phenomenon.

As a movement in its infancy, Palestinian hip-hop shares more in common with early American rap than the narcissistic, modern-day mainstream hip-hop that dominates MTV.

Just as Public Enemy, N.W.A. and Ice-T created furors with songs such as "911 Is a Joke," "F-k Tha Police" and "Cop Killer," Palestinian rappers such as Nafar take a provocative, controversial approach with songs such as "Who's a Terrorist."

"You call me the terrorist?

Who's the terrorist?

I'm the terrorist?

How am I the terrorist

When you've taken my land?!

Who's the terrorist?

You're the terrorist!

You've taken everything I own

while I'm living in my homeland."


You can get a look at some of the Palestinian Arab rap groups here. Thankfully, their posses, if they have them, are not in evidence.


By Blogger cakreiz, at Thu Sep 29, 07:46:00 AM:

But which style will Allah prefer? Fifty Cent? Biggy Smalls? Missy Eliot? Ludachris? Guess we'll see how the mullahs handle this important theological issue.  

By Blogger RPD, at Fri Sep 30, 01:07:00 PM:

While I may disagree with their sentiments, it's far better than blowing people up.  

By Blogger Sophia Phoster, at Sat Oct 01, 06:56:00 AM:

I think it's more of an "and" than an "either/or".  

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