Monday, July 25, 2005

Imperialism Has A Bad Name 

But maybe it should get some respect -- at least the British form. It is no accident that the US, Australia, India and Britain are lining up in the current war. John Howard's exceptional response recently to a silly question about islamic terrorist causation, commentary that was widely reported and blogged, was perhaps the most brilliant extemporaneous articulation of what this is all about.

In the same vein, I ran across some links thanks to our Powerline friends which I would also urge you to read (follow all the way through), regarding Winston Churchill and September 11. It's all too good to miss.

Whenever western civilization and its core modern value of individual freedom has been under seige, it seems to have been left to the remnants of the British empire to pick up arms in its defense. It is nice to see that India has matured sufficiently to have joined the Club. Especially in the war against Islamic extremism, there will be no more important friend.

Not that you'd read much about that in the NYT of course.


By Blogger Dymphna, at Mon Jul 25, 12:26:00 PM:


I posted this am on the remnants of the American willingness to engage in war. As I point out, it seems to be "an old geezer" phenomenon...you know, the leading edge of the boomers, the ones who served in Vietnam and the ones who regret their stance on Vietnam, etc.

The post was prompted by a comment on Gates and an email I got from a guy I knew in high school (who did serve)...you've probably seen some version of the email the forwards people send. It's the best version so far.

Old Soldiers Not Fade Away

It's humor, but it's not satire. I think this longing lurks in the secret chambers of the soul of many an American male.  

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