Monday, July 25, 2005

For aspiring imperialists only 

Test your knowledge of the location of European countries here. Victory lap moment: I scored 44 out of 45 countries, having blown San Marino notwithstanding the small assist the game gives you for the microstates. Atlanticist triumphalism moment: How many Europeans can score 98% locating American states? Finally, I hereby challenge everybody with a bumper sticker that reads "49% of Americans agree with 99% of the rest of the world" to a geography contest, head-to-head, right now.

Via Chrenkoff.


By Blogger dirty dingus, at Mon Jul 25, 11:28:00 AM:

47 out of 50 states and 42 out of 45 countries. And 5 out of those 6 errors were dropping in nearly the right place but not close enough. The only one I got completely wrong was Kansas which I placed in S Dakota due to the fact that the entire midwest was a blank....  

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