Wednesday, July 27, 2005

If you don't like "hold music"... 

... consider yourself lucky that you don't have to listen to "hold Qur'an."
Why the hell do some companies, especially in Saudi put a recording of the recitation of the Qur'an to be played back during phone call hold periods?

"Why the hell?", indeed. Mahmood wants to know why there isn't a fatwa against this. After all, as Mahmood points out, you might be listening to the "hold Qur'an" from "a bar, the beach or the bathroom." Are the Saudi religious cops too busy busting women who drive?

And, to be clear, I would object equally to "hold Bible" or "hold Torah." Religious texts have many purposes, but alleviating boredom is not one of them.

Via Rezwan, Bangladeshi blogger extraordinaire.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Jul 27, 05:23:00 PM:

Yes, but it is INDUCING boredom rather than alleviating it that is the function of unwanted "music" when one is basking in the glow of knowing that we "are important" to the good folks behind the screen of the business we're trying to give a piece of our mind to as we waste our own time waiting for them to give us the time of day.

Elevator music is elevator music. It is the bane of modern existence.

Not to mention proof -- if it were needed -- that we are NOT important to them.


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