Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Evil confesses in open court 

Mohammed Bouyeri, suspected [admitted] killer of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh, is seen in this image from the Dutch television program 'Opsporing Verzocht', which was aired on Monday, Nov. 29, 2004. Police received more than 50 tips about the murder of van Gogh after an estimated 2 million viewers watched the program. Dutch Justice Minister Piet Hein Donner approved the publication of the photo, generally banned under Dutch privacy laws, which prohibit the release by authorties of a suspect's identity.

Bouyeri, shown by the Norwegian military to have ties with al Qaeda, had this to say:
Mohammed Bouyeri also turned to Van Gogh's mother, Anneke, in court and told her: "I don't feel your pain."

"I can't feel for you because I think you're a nonbeliever," he said.

Bouyeri, 27, faces life imprisonment in the Nov. 2 killing of Van Gogh, who was found shot and stabbed. He has not mounted a defense.

"I did it out of conviction," Bouyeri said. "If I ever get free, I would do it again."

More interesting, perhaps, is the reported reaction of the Dutch spectators:
Some spectators rose to their feet as he spoke, visibly stunned by his comments.
They are "stunned," perhaps, to see the enemy up close and personal. If they are surprised, though, it is only because -- like many Westerners -- they have intentionally refused to comprehend the ambitions of our enemy. One can only hope that Bouyeri's trial, like the murder of Theo Van Gogh itself, will convert at least some of those who think that it is the hawks who misunderstand the jihadis.

Bouyeri did not act alone. If you are laboring under any misapprehension that he is quite representative of the enemy we face, read the Norwegian Defence Establishment's English-language report(pdf).

UPDATE: Dutch blog Peaktalk is covering the trial -- Day two here. Or just go to his main page and scroll down. Via Glenn.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue Jul 12, 06:27:00 PM:


To days trial was an amazing spectacle. Yesterday all Dutch news reporters said they where so desperate to hear some explanation from Bouyeri. Like that would be very explanatory? What are these people waiting for? It was like they where hanging on his lips, desperately waiting for the miracle man to explain to them the obvious.

But today, they where served by terrorist Mohammed. He told them plain and simple, the obvious: Don't mess with Allah or we kill you. These guys have only 1 law, the Sharia. Hey what is new here, I would say! But the hypocrite PC community was shocked anyway, they are not used to so much frankness.

But Mr. terrorist did explain more than this obvious remark. After speaking to the mother of late Theo van Gogh. He turned around to the policeman and woman who arrested him. Some of these policeman, had earlier in the trial used their right as "victim" to address the court (no no, not as a witness!), just like the mother of Theo van Gogh (this is relatively new court procedure in The Netherlands, it is for informing the court of the impact of the crime, but is not part of the evidence of the trial, hence there is no cross examination). These police officers had told the court that they had been very scared during the arrest, because he had shot at them several times, one said: "I never had used my police weapon, but now Mohammed forced me to use it for the first time", he was deeply shocked. Two of the arresting policeman, still are not able to work due to the stress of being shot at.

Any way, Mohammed the terrorist, he wanted to clear up some of the rumours around his shooting at the officers. After talking to the mother of Theo van Gogh he turned is head to them, looked them in the eyes and told them: There are rumours that during my arrest, I was aiming low when I shooting at you, just to provoke you to shoot me dead. But that is not true, I was really trying to shoot you guys dead and was hoping to die in the process.

The policeman where devastated and some started to cry....(REALY!!!)

I bet you didn't hear that on the MSM! But I do not make this up, it was reported on Dutch TV channel SBS6.

You might wonder what else you missed? Well a lot, because all media focused on the terrorist. But that is not the truly interesting part, the really interesting stuff is how the Dutch, Europe and the West in general is handling cases like these. Thus the real news was in questions like:

“What did the prosecutor say?” and “What did the Islam expert of the prosecutor office tell the court?”

Well the prosecutor said a lot, I think his final speech lasted for more than four hours. It gave a great insight in the current multicultural political consensus in the Netherlands. It talked about discrimination of the Islamic people and lack of respect and that kind of stuff. This really needs some further scrutiny. I just hearth some parts of it, and an amazing example of what he was telling the court was that he told them that some opinion makers / writers did not enhance the debate about integration of immigrants and actually obstructed a government solution (he must mean Theo van Gogh!). Although he also said that this was allowed in a democracy, it stays a pretty amazing remark. He clearly defended a predetermined position in this ‘democratic’ debate. Why?

But also the Islam expert, mr. Ruud Peters, was an amazing choice. The media I read, did not report much on what he actually said. But to take him as a prosecutors expert is an amazing choice (he is also an expert in the other Hofstad terrorist trials). Not long a go, this expert, worked as an hostile expert in an anti terrorist trial. At that trial a other prosecutor accused him of ties with extremist himself!

But I must be honest, Peters is a respected Islamic law expert, they even respect him in Iran. During the time he works for the prosecutor on very sensitive Dutch terrorist cases he still visits terrorist country number #1: Iran. And the love him in Iran! The mullah press even quoted him during his visit in May 2005:


On the other hand, he does not like all Iranians. He does not like Iranian dissidents for example. One of them, an in the Netherlands well known Iranian dissident, Ellian, who criticizes the political islam, he called an “Isfahanic dog”.

But he does like people like, Benzakour, who is a friend of him. Benzakour is a Duth fundamentalist who glorified the 9/11 attacks and compared the 9/11 attacks with sex and the conception of a woman.. I could go on, about his ‘expert’ but I think you get the picture by now.

I hope that I contributed to some more insight in this high profile Dutch trial and showed that this trial is really not about Mohammed Bouyeri but about Dutch society and freedom.  

By Blogger TigerHawk, at Tue Jul 12, 06:59:00 PM:

Thank you for the excellent and thoughtful comment. It was very interesting.  

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