Sunday, June 26, 2005

Annals of ridiculous warnings 

If the elevator stops, I shouldn't panic, because there is apparently little danger of running out of air or the elevator dropping uncontrollably.

OK. I have a couple of issues with this sign.

First, it raises questions that I prefer never to think about when I get into an elevator. Did it ever occur to any phobia-free person that you might run out of air? Do elevators ever drop uncontrollably (other than when terrorists have blown out the stops, of course)?

Second, and more importantly, what fool of a lawyer insisted on the "little danger" qualification? Did he or she honestly think that this qualification might somehow preserve an "assumption of the risk" defense in the event that people actually did suffocate in an elevator, or plunge to their deaths in an uncontrolled drop? I have practiced law (practiced being the operative verb) for 19 years, and I'm fairly sure I've never seen a warning quite this asinine.

CWCID: The TigerHawk Son, who is developing a keen sense of humor and sharp powers of observation, both of which make his father very proud.


By Anonymous Jody, at Sun Jun 26, 10:32:00 PM:

You absolutely right, I would not get on that elevator based on the sign. I would think something was going on with the elevator.  

By Blogger Sluggo, at Mon Jun 27, 02:42:00 PM:

I would assume that something had happened on that elevator and the sign was a Bargain Lawyer response.

And you're right. When it comes to the notion of a locked immobile elevator dropping uncontrollably, 'little danger' is not nearly good enough.  

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