Sunday, May 29, 2005

Syrian blogger calls us to action 

Roger L. Simon reports that Syrian blogger-dissidents need your help. Syrian blogger Ammar Abdulhamid is calling for the blogosphere to flood the Syrian embassy, its UN delegation, and any other Syrian target with emails calling for the release of the Atassy 8, "prisoners of conscience" in Syria.
[T]he Atassy 8 may not be known to you, you may not know what they have done over the years, you may not know what their exact political philosophy is (I don’t think they know that themselves really), but suffice it to know that they were committed to democracy, committed to reform and committed to dialogue. That should be enough for them to deserve our support.

So, flood the embassies with your emails, this is the least that we can do. Student groups that can hold vigils for their sake are more than encouraged to do so. Those who can write articles, op-eds or blog entries about them, go ahead and do so. Freedom for the Atassy 8 and all prisoners of conscience in Syria should be our rallying cry from now on. No reform package will be accepted from this regime if it does not include strict guarantees for our basic freedoms. We will not live at the whim of anyone. (emphasis in original)

Here are some early targets:

Syrian Embassy in Washington, DC
Fax: (202) 232-4357

Ministry of Tourism:
Fax: +963 11 2242636
Email: min-tourism@mail.sy

Syrian Arab News Agency

Be loud, be clear, and be persuasive. The world's dictators need to know that transparency is the friend of freedom and rule of law.

UPDATE: The original title to this post was inaccurate, so it has been revised. That will change the permalink, so if you have linked to it you will need to fix the link.


By Blogger Teaparty, at Sun May 29, 01:25:00 PM:

Under ordinary circumstance I would say that this issue was tailormade for the left (along with the right.)

Unfortunately, since getting on board with this very worthy cause might be construed as a vague approval of the Bush doctrine, I suppose there is little chance that the left will embrace this obvious human rights cause.  

By Blogger Dymphna, at Mon May 30, 02:41:00 PM:


If you haven't seen this Syrian blogger, go read him immediately. He can't blog often since he has to leave the country to post anything.

Syria Exposed.

This is like Russian humor at the bottom of the tyranny. Very dark, very funny.  

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