Monday, April 25, 2005

How to build your self-esteem 

Cassandra explains why genuine self-esteem is not bestowed by the bleatings of teachers and therapists, but earned. Her post is so good, she made me wish I were a Marine.


By Blogger Jehane, at Mon Apr 25, 09:13:00 AM:

My inner child thanks you for the link. I feel so validated now. (just kidding :)

Seriously, thanks -  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Apr 25, 10:45:00 PM:

Excellent post. My best friend is a Marine F-18 pilot who runs the squadron at Beaufort, SC. I'm an B-52 Air Force weenie, in need of more affirmation/therapy than him. I sent him your post and I'm sure he'll enjoy it.



By Blogger David, at Sat Oct 01, 08:04:00 PM:

Hi, I was just out blog surfing for detailed info on motivation when I ended up on your page. Obviously I ended up a little off base, but I am certainly glad I did. If you wouldn't mind, I would like to post your link on my "favorites" page. Should you ever need it, there is valuable information on my site about motivation.  

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