Sunday, February 20, 2005


The TigerHawk residence does not, at the moment, provide hostelry services to cats. This has significantly constrained my cat-blogging ambitions, which -- fortunately for me -- are fairly easy to suppress. However, this afternoon we visited a former TigerHawk nanny at her home in Saddle Brook, New Jersey, and I spotted this mysterious kitty lurking about six feet off the ground, giving me the evil eye. Cute, but obviously not trustworthy.
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By Blogger Final Historian, at Sun Feb 20, 02:32:00 PM:

"Cute, but obviously not trustworthy."

That pretty much describes all cats.  

By Blogger FireWolf, at Sun Feb 20, 04:58:00 PM:

That would be a lucky cat.

Awesome dual eye color  

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