Monday, November 22, 2004

The United Nations abuses prisoners 

When Americans do it, we hear and read about it incessently, as well we should. When the United Nations does it, the press by and large takes a pass. Consider the following report from the Congo:
The United Nations is investigating about 150 allegations of sexual abuse by UN civilian staff and soldiers in the Congo, some of them recorded on videotape, a senior UN official said today.

The accusations include pedophilia, rape and prostitution, said Jane Holl Lute, an assistant secretary-general in the peacekeeping department.

Ms Lute, an American, said there was photographic and video evidence for some of the allegations and most of the allegations came to light since the spring.

As the article makes clear, the facts surrounding these allegations have been understood since May. Where's the outrage? Is it possible that the mainstream media buried this story because it destroys the argument that the United Nations is a more legitimate guarantor of the peace than the United States?

The mainstream media has virtually ignored one of the most horrific financial and humanitarian scandals in the history of the world, and it has carefully failed to report that the United Nations has been abusing prisoners on at least the scale of Abu Ghraib. Is this because the United Nations is sacrosanct to the Western left, or because of the globalist media's rank anti-Americanism, or because of the cynical desire of the press to sustain the U.N. as a counterweight to American power, or because the media just does not care what happens to blacks? If not one of these, one wonders what the explanation for the disparity in coverage might be.

CWCID: Tim Blair.


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