Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Cassandra, fare thee well 

One of my favorite bloggers, Cassandra at I Love Jet Noise, is retiring. I will miss her writing tremendously, feel that I have suffered a personal loss (as strange as that is to say) and very much hope that her absence will be temporary.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Nov 24, 12:40:00 PM:


Thank you for the kind words. I always read TigerHawk with pleasure (and sometimes a bit of chagrin, and a silent, "I wish I'd thought of that!" :)

You are always a great read - intelligent, wry, and witty. I may be back... who knows?

In the meantime, I will be reading. I wouldn't miss it for the world.

- Cassandra  

By Blogger Charlottesvillain, at Wed Nov 24, 02:22:00 PM:

Damn, another good one gone. Post election fatigue, no doubt. And I was just coming to grips with Allah apparent desertion.  

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