Friday, November 26, 2004

The blogging of Nikki Mize 

The father of a young Ohio woman named Nikki Mize has posted a remarkable web journal -- essentially a blog but in forward chronological order -- of his daughter's recovery from severe thermal and maxillofacial injuries. It is a remarkable story, and it includes a tremendous amount of detail about the surgeries required and the specific medical devices used. Still, the most impressive thing about the blog is the tremendous optimism with which both the blogger and his daughter contend with her terrible injuries. Nikki and her father are in many ways even more remarkable than the medical miracles performed by the surgeons who are reconstructing her.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Nov 29, 04:11:00 PM:

Im just wondering how you came across what had happened to Nikki. I think its interesting that you would make a comment about it on your website....Your comments were right on point, I feel the same way.  

By Blogger TigerHawk, at Mon Nov 29, 07:27:00 PM:

I am an executive of a medical device company, and at least one of our products was used in connection with Nikki's surgery. Somebody in our marketing and sales organization got wind of the blog, and forwarded the link around mostly as a matter of professional interest. When I read it I thought that it was of sufficiently general interest to post here -- I think it is a fascinating story, but I'm naturally interested in the medical aspects in addition to the underlying story of personal courage.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue Nov 30, 04:06:00 PM:

Again, I liked what you had to say about Nikkis situation. Its really hard to see someone you know go through this. It was really interesting running across what you had to say, with not even knowing her. She is definatly a very strong person. Im sure shell get through this better than anyone could imagine.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Dec 06, 09:41:00 PM:

This is Nikki Mize and I ran across your site and I just wanted to thank you and everyone else who has showed interest in my accident. It definately means the world to me to have all the support I do through family and especially people who have no idea who I am. It just goes to say that there are still great people n this world.  

By Blogger FCCK, at Sun Apr 17, 12:46:00 AM:

Just my 2 cents- how about thanking those that have sent you their sympathies?You could post this on your website. This would DEFINITELY be appreciated.  

By Blogger FCCK, at Sun Apr 17, 12:47:00 AM:

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.  

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