Thursday, May 20, 2004

Princeton cops nail William Frist, Jr. 

It seems that the Princeton Borough "law enforcement community" has nailed Bill Frist's son, who is an undergraduate at Princeton, for DUI.
Police said officers pulled over William Harrison Frist, Jr.’s 1999 Chevy outside one of Princeton University’s eateries on Prospect Street at 1:35 a.m. for making an illegal pass....

Police said Frist was legally drunk, but not belligerent.

He did, however, fail the balance test, prompting the arrest, Lt. Dennis McManimon said....

Police said the department isn’t allowed to reveal the exact test results, but McManimon said it "wasn’t crazy" over the legal limit....

Frist is a member of the Tiger Inn -- one of the campus’ more notorious drinking spots for party animals.

Naturally, I have a few comments.

First, congratulations to young Bill for joining Tiger Inn. It's definitely the right thing to do, even if it does somewhat increase the chances of a DUI arrest. Tiger Inn is definitely the best eating club at Princeton -- and therefore the best eating club in the world, since I am unaware that there is any other university with eating clubs -- with such notable alumni as Jose Ferrar, Wayne Rogers (of M*A*S*H and money management fame), and, of course, TigerHawk.

Second, the Princeton constabulary has grown increasingly hostile to Princeton students, enforcing all sorts of dead letter ordinances, such as those prohibiting "open containers" and loud partying. All part and parcel with our society's growing opposition to fun, I'm sure, but also an unfortunate consequence of Princeton's soaring property values and creeping bourgeoisie. Back in the day, the cops stayed away from Prospect Street unless called in to settle some dispute. What are they doing sneaking around looking for people making an "illegal pass," anyway?

So we're with you, Bill, even if we do wonder what the heck you were doing driving on Prospect Avenue. Nobody drives on Prospect Avenue. That confused even the Princeton cops (who are not easily confused):
"It’s weird, we don’t get too many university students for drinking and driving," the lieutenant said.

"They usually can walk where ever they want to go."


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