Tuesday, April 13, 2004

John Ashcroft, as you've never seen him before 

TigerHawk occasionally trolls the lefty blogs to keep perspective, understand the rage, dig up stuff to make fun of, and to avoid drinking only the "eagle"/libertarian KoolAde that I love so much. I recommend it to everybody -- even if you are on the fire-breathing end of TigerHawk's elite readership, you have to know your enemy.

And occasionally you find some really great stuff. For example, take a look at this awesome mosaic of John Ashcroft assembled entirely from porn (and if you're a bit shy about dirty pictures, don't worry about this too much -- the pictures are smaller than Janet Jackson's breast on a Watchman).

I will, however, spare you the accompanying link to a mosaic of our President made up entirely of little sphincter pictures. Even I think that's in bad taste, which is saying something on a blog that has discussed submissive urination, described the surgical removal of pylar cysts, passed along the health benefits of eating boogers, and only yesterday called Andy Rooney a turd.

CWCID: Tom Tomorrow.


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