Wednesday, March 24, 2004

The last straw 

Careful readers of TigerHawk know that we have two very, very friendly English Springer Spaniels, Julie and Penny. Very friendly pooches, indeed.

Imagine my horror, then, to learn that the Iraqi terrorists are now targeting Blaze, a truly English English Springer Spaniel:

Via Isreallycool:

An English springer spaniel with a talent for sniffing out guns, ammunition and explosives in Iraq has survived a suspected contract killing, a British newspaper has reported.

Blaze, who is serving with British forces in southern Iraq, escaped with cuts and bruises after the would-be killer roared up in a car, "deliberately swerved" and hit him, The Sun said, quoting military sources.

"There is no doubt that this was a deliberate assassination attempt," a senior army officer was quoted as saying. "We are convinced that there was a price on Blaze's head."

Bastards. One look at this picture (click ahead to the sixth photo in the gallery), and you will share my outrage.

Somehow, the expression "dogs of war" has not, in my mind at least, conjured up a friendly and floppy spaniel like Blaze. Until now.


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