Wednesday, March 24, 2004

When will Europe get a clue? 

'French embassy threatened' - headline, News24.com.

The French embassy in Djibouti said on Wednesday it had received a letter threatening French interests in the tiny east African country.

Several letters have been received in recent days by French embassies in "seven or eight predominantly Muslim countries," a judicial source in Paris said on Wednesday.

The Germans can't go there, either.

German President Johannes Rau canceled a trip to Djibouti Tuesday after receiving threats that Islamic terrorists were planning to try and assassinate him, his office said.

France and Germany did not back the war in Iraq, and have been strident in their criticism of the Bush Administration, at least by the standards of diplomats. France is racist in its regard for Israel, and while the German government generally keeps quiet on that question, the German people stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Palestinian Arabs. Yet they are still not safe from Islamists.

When will the European elites understand that appeasement begets more violence? What concession do they think they can make that will appease the Islamists? If you are an armed fanatic and gain a concession from a threat, or the realization of a threat as in Madrid, do you then exchange your sword for plowshares? Do you return to the boring, lame, and seemingly meaningless life that you lived before you followed Allah into jihad? No. You recruit more armed fanatics in the name of your now succeeding revolution.

Will the Chamberlains and Deladiers who control continental Europe's leading governments wake up in time?

When will they learn?


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