Thursday, January 22, 2004

John Kerry fights for everything 

Having returned from Washington and taken in the Princeton Charter School Winter Concert, TigerHawk is now watching the debate among the Democratic candidates in New Hampshire. I agree with Lieberman the most, since he is sustaining his menschhood over the Iraq war in the teeth of his trivial poll numbers, and I think Edwards is the most personally appealing of the lot, which perhaps is like being the best hockey player in Equador. Dean, fortunately for him and all of us who yearn for a brokered convention, does not look like a "prairie dog on speed," in the immortal words of Alan Simpson, retired Senator from Wyoming.

At the moment I'm thinking about John Kerry's unusual speech impediment -- he apparently "fights" for absolutely everything. He never bargains, cajoles, barters, weasels, negotiates, horsetrades, supports, applauds, argues, advances, promotes, or votes for anything. He only fights for things. I'm not sure I can take that for four years, even if I can get past his Franco haughtiness (c.f., Taranto).


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