Wednesday, January 21, 2004

On the road 

I am in our nation's capital for a couple of days learning about the analysis of the "root cause" defects in the design, manufacture, or distribution of medical devices. I have been very busy and generally unable to post to TigerHawk, so please accept my apology in advance. I hope I'll add to the site over the weekend, but no promises.

A reader sent me a link to a disappointing story. Apparently the tale of Churchill's parrot is in doubt, at least according to his descendants. Lady Soames, Sir Winston's 82 year-old daughter, denounces the story as a fraud. I hope that she is either misinformed or aggressively defending Churchill's legacy among bluenoses, because I love the idea that his parrot is still alive and still proposing that we "Fuck the Nawzies."


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