Wednesday, January 07, 2004

EU cancels conference on racism because minority group accuses it of racism 

European Commission President Romano Prodi has suspended a conference on racism after Jewish leaders accused the EU of fuelling anti-Semitism. This is really quite astonishing, and it reveals a lot about the insidious and hypocritical nature of anti-semitism. I've always thought that one of the purposes of these big international gatherings was so that minorities could identify the sources of the injustices that they perceive. If Jews can't identify racists acts against them at a conference on racism, what, exactly, is the appropriate forum?

Sure, you can take issue with Bronfman and Benatoff's arguments (why not publish both the poll and the report?), but that is no excuse for the Europeans to pick up their marbles and go home. How pleasant and decorous is a conference on racism expected to be?


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