Sunday, December 21, 2003

Implications of Libya WMD deal 

The DEBKAfile, an Isreali service devoted to strategic analysis, especially with regard to the Middle East, has a new and interesting take on the "far-reaching" implications of the Bush administration's diplomatic settlement with Libya. Among other items, DEBKAfile claims that more than 200 Iraqi scientists worked in Libya on the program, which also benefited from technical and financial contributions from North Korea, Iran, and a number of other Arab countries (including U.S. allies). Who knows how much of this is true -- I have been reading DEBKAfile off and on for more than a year, and it expresses everything, including speculations, as if they were unalloyed truth. Nevertheless, it is a very interesting article.

If you visit their site, consider reading their article suggesting that Saddam was being held captive, rather than in hiding, when U.S. soldiers arrived.


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