Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rising to the defense 

Video for TigerHawk's post below.

Governor Christie, an ex-officio Trustee of Princeton University, rises to the defense of Meg Whitman '77, and gives a heckler something to consider.

I wouldn't want to be in that heckler's shoes.

UPDATE: Meg Whitman's class year corrected from 1976 to 1977, thanks to Anon commenter.



By Blogger pam, at Fri Sep 24, 06:02:00 AM:

And Christie opens "Morning Joe" today...  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri Sep 24, 06:17:00 AM:

Didn't Nixon do something like that too?  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri Sep 24, 09:08:00 AM:

Class of '77, thank you very much.  

By Anonymous cathymv, at Fri Sep 24, 11:42:00 AM:

This is a little bit old fashioned.. but Chris Christie.. what a gentleman...

Jumping in to stop a person from verbally abusing a woman.

yeah.. that is a bit old fashioned.. but quite refreshing...

see ya
cathy : )  

By Blogger Progressively Defensive, at Sat Sep 25, 12:13:00 PM:

He is so cool!

Not really what I would call chivalry in this sense; I really think he would have done the same if Whitman were a too polite in response to shouting male. That is what I see too often, one is losing an argument and starts interrupting and shouting and polite people want to be the better person by not doing it back ... but it loses the process for them. It costs screen time on television, it lessens their time to advocate for their cause, etc. Interrupting and shouting work and Christie knows it. See, he's a more experienced "street debater" than Whitman were she a woman or a man.

Here he comes to save the day ... MIGHTY CHRISTOPHER!

Newark's amazing ... I like Cory Booker well enough, too. He camped out in a tent in a ghetto in his first run for mayor.

You know he went to University of Delaware and I could tell the whole time he does have a very charming Delaware accent.

As far as Whitman ... Battle On, Meg.  

By Blogger Progressively Defensive, at Sat Sep 25, 12:15:00 PM:

Too polite AND male is what I meant. Her sex was no the motivation, but her style. I think Gov. Christie would have doen the same if she were a male.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Sep 25, 12:30:00 PM:

Fine, but had this been a Tea Party heckler at a Babs Boxer speech, the captive media would already have IDed him, gone through his history and background and discredited him in every way possible, all on the front page of the paper or by message to every member of what has replace JournoList.  

By Blogger The Machiavellian, at Sun Sep 26, 09:51:00 PM:

isn't this heckler a Democrat running for mayor in West Hollyweird?  

By Anonymous thehawkreturns, at Fri Oct 01, 09:37:00 PM:

I guess that pointing fingers, using a microphone to raise your voice and not giving your opponent a chance to speak are "gentlemanly" too. At least the heckler is able to stop eating when he is full.  

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