Monday, September 20, 2010

Question and answer 

From the email inbox at the address to the right, an interesting link to 10Questions, which appears to be a reasonable exercise in responsive democracy. You ask questions of candidates in certain races, the top 10 questions are presented to the candidates, the candidates answer via video, and you can decide and indicate whether the answers were in fact responsive. TigerHawk readers undoubtedly have a number of pointed questions to ask of their elected officials, so here's your chance.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue Sep 21, 07:34:00 AM:

Why haven't Congresscritters agreed to switch health plans to Obamacare as mandated on lower life forms? No BS, please.  

By Anonymous E Hines, at Tue Sep 21, 08:00:00 AM:

A question I'd like to see asked of each candidate: "Can you say, 'Cut spending?' "

I suspect that the answers from the Democrats would be in either of two categories: "We can't cut spending now," and a challenge back, "Where do you think we should cut?" Answers from the Republicans, I suspect, would be suggestions of explicit cuts.

No one would give the right answer: "Cut spending."

Eric Hines  

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