Friday, September 17, 2010

Bernie Marcus on fire 

Via Hot Air, Greg Hengler over at Townhall has a series of short video clips from CNBC this morning, featuring Home Depot founder Bernie Marcus riffing on the current business climate and his perception of the attitude of members of the Obama administration. Here's a funny one in which Marcus almost sounds like a Borscht Belt comedian.

For more than a decade, Home Depot has been a bête noire for those with strong anti-business sentiments (much in the same way Wal-Mart has been, but not to the same extent), in part because of some of its sourcing practices, and in part because its entry into a geographic market tends to kill off smaller local hardware stores, who lack the scale to compete on price, and don't have enough customers who value service. It is understandable that Marcus might react the way he does, in mock defense.

It is worth going over to Townhall to watch all five clips.

CWCID: Hot Air and Townhall


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri Sep 17, 07:09:00 PM:

In unrelated news, the IRS announces an investigation into Marcus' tax returns back to age 18, the SEC is now investigating every filing he was ever associated with, the FDA announced withdrawal of approval for Lipitor, because it is "keeping the criminal Marcus alive" and hid town tax assessor announced a revalution of his home. Also, he us now required to yell the word "Unclean!" at full volume before he enters any public space.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri Sep 17, 07:22:00 PM:

Tigerhawk & Anon - snaps to you; great links & apt commentary.  

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