Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday night sitting in Eno Terra tab dump 

I'm in Eno Terra in Kingston, New Jersey, waiting on my butcher plate and thinking about taking in the 7:20 showing of Salt at Marketfair. Naturally, I have tabs to disgorge.

Who drinks alcohol? People with big vocabularies! Well, duh!

I'm taking more than a little comfort that this did not trigger another global financial crisis. The economy must be more robust than it appears! I mean, to take this kind of scare.

The federal government thinks your kids should be in public school 12 hours a day.

“In all seriousness, I think schools should be open 12, 13, 14 hours a day, seven days a week, 11-12 months of the year,”

Because, you know, the government has insufficient influence over our lives.

Oh, darn: The spilled oil is evaporating and otherwise dissipating more quickly than anticipated. Both clean-up crews and reporters are having a tough time locating the slick. Dang! Another crisis gone to waste!

Reporters and others are upset that the new finreg law contains a heretofore unpublicized provision allowing the SEC to blow off Freedom of Information Act requests. Among the various no doubt nefarious motivations for this new wrinkle in Hope and Change, there is one that makes sense: Businesses will be more candid about their troubles with their regulator if they do not have to worry that their competitors will find out.

In death as in life, George Steinbrenner helps the rich get richer.



By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Jul 28, 07:48:00 PM:

Skip Salt!! - saw it Monday - at minimum 988 gunshots, liteally unbelievable 'action/stunts'

Save the admission and buy yourself more of what they are serving where you are.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Jul 28, 08:03:00 PM:

Watch Inception! It's like totally so deep man, nome sayin'?

Seriously though, it's a great movie!  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Jul 28, 08:24:00 PM:

Mock scene from Inception -- NSFW!  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Jul 29, 08:03:00 AM:

Is that the former King's Inn (with a painful interim identity as the Winepress?).

I lived down the street 1984-88.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Jul 29, 09:00:00 AM:

Yep, that's the KI. In the '60's you could get quarts of draft beer for take out in cardboard containers. You'd have to drink it pretty quick since the beer leaked through in a half hour or so.

JLW III P'67  

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