Saturday, June 26, 2010

June moonbeam 

Last night's thin clouds could not stop the moon. I took this picture at about 9 pm, two hours earlier than the frankly better (if not level) photo posted Thursday night.

June moon beam

Gone swimming, riding, and running. I'll let you know if I finish with honor.


By Anonymous feeblemind, at Sat Jun 26, 11:30:00 AM:

Another good 'un, TH. You are on a photographic roll.  

By Blogger MTF, at Sat Jun 26, 12:34:00 PM:

You picked a helluva way to justify two beers in the afternoon instead of one. Good luck to you!  

By Blogger Abhas Verma, at Sun Jun 27, 03:27:00 AM:

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