Thursday, June 24, 2010

My new tires 

My new bike tires, Vittoria Rubino Pros. I'm sure you enjoy the color as much as I do.

Nice tires


By Blogger Bomber Girl, at Thu Jun 24, 06:42:00 AM:

Very nice, TH.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Jun 24, 08:48:00 AM:

What's the frame made of and what's the gruppo? The frame doesn't look like carbon fiber or aluminum. It wouldn't be plain old Reynolds 531 would it? Might be chromed titanium, but given TH's obscene income, it's probably unobtanium.

Nice bike.


By Blogger TigerHawk, at Thu Jun 24, 09:06:00 AM:

Litespeed Classic, titanium.  

By Blogger Simon Kenton, at Thu Jun 24, 09:32:00 AM:

My wife has a Litespeed titanium mountain bike. Indestructible, weightless, envy-producing. And for some reason - can't possibly be skill, can it? -- she can get it through deep sand longer and further than I can move mine.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Jun 24, 05:44:00 PM:

I so prefer the skinny tube frames over the clunky aero stuff they sell today.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Jun 24, 10:54:00 PM:

You know you're a bike geek when you start taking pictures of your tires!  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Jun 28, 03:04:00 PM:

So, how much do all these bikes and tires cost? I am thinking of starting to ride to get rid of some of this fluffiness I have. And can I get a wider and fuller seat along with these bikes?  

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