Sunday, June 06, 2010

In which Instapundit sends a signal to the Department of Defense 

Once again we marvel at the subtle touch of Glenn Reynolds:

GPS issues

Wouldn't it be awesome if he got the Amazon vig on the DOD's next order?


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Jun 06, 08:03:00 PM:

Who said Yale Law School didn't teach its students WHERE to make a good point, or how to draw a map showing their thinking?

Who said it?  

By Anonymous Davod, at Mon Jun 07, 06:28:00 AM:

I recall reading the CO of Annapolis scratched the sailing training. Navy officers will never need to know the art of sailing. just like GPS, motors and helicopters (and friendlies with same) will always be available.

Didn't Annapolis just scratch greasing the monument to avoid injury to the graduating Middies?

I can see how grease might create a problem, but injury?  

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