Sunday, June 06, 2010

In Honor of This Day In History 


By Anonymous Mark Sluka, at Tue Jun 08, 02:02:00 AM:

I just now showed the D-Day thing to my daughter who is a ninth-going-to-tenth at Phillips Andover. I called it death metal, I hope that's fair, but now I've listened to the song twice it really grows on you.

I'm such a dork, I only this past Memorial Day learned about pandora.com, from my bro-in-law. My Daughter said "duh", but I'm now listening to Sabaton. Hmm this will require study.

Rammstein is all I can come up with as payback. Thanks for the knowledge.

Coralville, IA  

By Blogger MTF, at Tue Jun 08, 07:02:00 AM:

Listening got me to go to Wikipedia to read about this band. New to me, both particularly and in style. Interesting; thanks.  

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