Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Day of Reckoning" 

New Jersey's Governor Awesome on our national "day of reckoning." No, you would not want Chris Christie next to you in that middle coach seat, but is there any plausible argument that he is not the most eloquent governor in America today? Speaking without a script (as he does below), Christie is, for my money, a country mile more articulate -- yes, I used the "a" word -- than President Obama.

Glenn Reynolds' correspondent had this to say, and I agree wholeheartedly:

Am I crazy, or is an overweight man with a thick New Jersey accent the most effective communicator of commonsense conservative principles in America today?

Chris Christie has bull rushed his way to the front of the 2012 pack of presidential contenders. I think we’ve got a great crop of potentials, but I can easily imagine the majority of moderates (even some moderate liberals) in the northeast section of the country listening to Mr. Christie and nodding their heads in agreement. If you look at the subject video, everyone in the room is hanging on his every word. People of every race are in the crowd and he’s just laying it down for them.

Given the precedent set for inexperience in 2008, who's to say it's not plausible? My main objection is that we desperately need him here.


By Blogger MTF, at Wed Jun 16, 12:18:00 PM:

The great part is that conservatives love him, a guy whom many might characterize as very much a social moderate, for all the right reasons: he's a strong executive, he's fiscally disciplined and he can talk to anyone effectively. There's no elitist claptrap with Governor Awesome. He's gets our message across, and he's a leader.

While Mitch Daniels talks about a "truce" in the culture wars, Chris Christie embodies that truce. But he's getting it done in Trenton! Put him in Washington and we will reap the rewards.  

By Blogger BigFire, at Wed Jun 16, 01:54:00 PM:

As many of the conservative bloggers in New Jersey said: The fat man is ours until 2014. Hands off, he got things to do here.  

By Blogger Escort81, at Wed Jun 16, 02:34:00 PM:

I think it's likely that Gov. Christie gets to deliver a speech in Tampa in 2012 at the convention, but not as a POTUS candidate. He could be on a short list for VP, however.

Gov. Christie is calling out very powerful entrenched interests in the state, and it is by no means certain that he can win re-election in 2014. NJ is an unusually expensive state to campaign in, with two big cities and media markets just over the rivers to the east and west, in the north and south. He faces a largely hostile press, both in the metro NY and metro Philly markets, unlike the inexperienced national candidate in 2008.

Finally, he is articulate, but not telegenic. There is bias against obese people in the U.S., whether it is conscious or unconscious.  

By Blogger Progressively Defensive, at Wed Jun 16, 02:54:00 PM:

Wonderful. Only half-way through it. Best line ... you think you're getting something that costs nothing to you. He could run POTUS ... it seems only to help someone's career, no? Good practice for 2016. Then maybe a Senate run to get some FP credentials. We need more of that, i.e., the social benefits of fiscal conservatism for dummies (like me). It's more subtle than the Democrats short term pay-for-votes rhetoric and requires a Reagan or a Christie. It was W's worst quality ... could not explain himself to the masses.

He can help New Jersey more from D.C.  

By Blogger SR, at Wed Jun 16, 08:08:00 PM:

Time to visit Al Roker's Dr.
We need you to be around in 2012 or 2016.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Jun 16, 11:09:00 PM:

I don't get it. He's vague and his pronoun references are all over the place. He doesn't really say anything different.

I know there is this search for 2012, but I don't understand why. There is no precedence for what you are hoping for.

He's vanilla. Nothing different from any other GOP candidate. And if anything confirms that there is a line for the GOP nomination, it's how the voters voted in 2008.

You guys are stuck with Mitt.  

By Anonymous Rob - Morristown '66, at Wed Jun 16, 11:38:00 PM:

What accent?  

By Blogger Geoffrey Britain, at Thu Jun 17, 05:53:00 PM:

"You guys are stuck with Mitt."

Uh, no we're not.

But you are stuck with Obama (for if Obama's #'s are so bad in 11 that Hillary runs against him in the primaries, no democrat can win in 2012).

What most fail to appreciate is that Obama's speech the other night had a consequence for the Democrat party.

You just lost the 2012 Presidential election.

That's because Obama's speech confirmed and solidified the public's perception of Obama; an incompetent, empty suit working above his 'pay grade'.

All the liberal/left pundits sense it, thus their distress. They simply lack the intellectual honesty to face the handwriting on the wall, so they prevaricate about symptoms instead of root causes.  

By Anonymous Ignoramus, at Sat Jun 19, 08:23:00 AM:

""You guys are stuck with Mitt." Uh, no we're not."


Mitt is a quite capable guy, but he's not a natural politician. If you're a Mormon, an Ivy League graduate, or work in big business ... you may not see this.

What Mitt lacks is what Chris Christie just demonstrated above -- a talent at "connecting" and framing difficult issues in ways the masses can understand. Mitt Romney couldn't speak about "fixing things so you're kids don't have to move away." As Huckabee said, "Romney is the guy who fires you" ... while his kids are at the family compound playing on jet skis. He's the Republican Obama most wants to run against.

At this point in the 2004-2008 cycle, Obama was still hoping to audition to be Hillary's VP ... no one in the lower 48 had ever heard of the Former Mayor of Wasilla (4th largest city in the state, pop. 5,469).

Lots of things can happen -- new faces emerge.  

By Anonymous Ignoramus, at Sat Jun 19, 08:24:00 AM:

"But [they] are stuck with Obama."

Agreed. It'll be very hard for Hillary to run against Obama.

Ted Kennedy ran against Jimmy Carter in 1980, but from the left. Hilllary would have to run against a sitting President with hardcore backing from key elements of the Democrats. It can only work if Obama has already burned down the house and the Democratic party is already in shambles.  

By Anonymous Jim - PRS, at Sun Jun 20, 12:21:00 PM:

He's the best thing that has happened in New Jersey since Taylor Ham. I love the guy.  

By Anonymous ErikZ, at Fri Jun 25, 12:31:00 AM:

He's vague and his pronoun references are all over the place.

Yeeeah. Not only do you come off as elitist with that comment, you have no clue as to what's going on.

Leaders need to get things done.

Chris Christie is a straight talker who gets things done.

Hopefully you'll now notice a difference between him an Obama. And why he's getting such good press.  

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