Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tri pics 

These will probably cause at least some of you to puke all over your keyboards, but I had so much fun doing my first triathlon (a mere "sprint", but still) this morning that I wanted to "share." The course involved a .3 mile swim in Barnegat Bay near Tom's River, a 10 mile bike ride, and a 3 mile run. Did it in 1:12:58, finishing 75th out of 140 entrants, all men, all ages.

Before the swim...

Before the start

Stripping off the wet suit after a tough swim -- it's like NASCAR out there, lots of rubbin'...

After the swim

I had a relatively fast transition after the swim, and passed a lot of people in the bike phase...

In from the ride

Third leg...

Starting the run

At the finish...

At the finish

And, finally, a camera phone picture when all was said and done...

In repose

Bucket list checked! Now the question is whether I have the ambition and, more importantly, time to train for a longer one.


By Anonymous Sissy Willis, at Sun May 16, 03:10:00 PM:

Hubba, hubba. Lookin' Grrrrreat!  

By Blogger Mystery Meat, at Sun May 16, 03:12:00 PM:

Congratulations. I did two half triathlons, at age 53 and 54. They have a 1.2 mile swim, 56 miles on the bike, and a 13.1 mile run at the end. That is a big jump from a sprint triathlon, but it is doable, but it's going to take a lot more training. All I wanted to do in the first one was finish. I did, but a 72-year-old retired nun, Madonna Buder, beat me by 10 minutes. Now, that's really no shame because she was a world-class triathlete who has won her age group many times, including the Hawaiian Ironman, yet it rankled. I used that to motivate myself for the following year. It worked, as I was able to kick her 73 year-old ass by a half hour. This is what passes for athletic glory in my family!  

By Blogger TigerHawk, at Sun May 16, 03:30:00 PM:

Mystery Meat, very impressive. I can swim 1.2 miles, ride 56, and run 13, but in each case I'm completely whipped. So doing all three would be a major undertaking.  

By Blogger Escort81, at Sun May 16, 05:19:00 PM:

I say this with long-established heterosexual credentials -- I echo Sissy's comments above, you're lookin' good, man.  

By Blogger Simon Kenton, at Sun May 16, 07:54:00 PM:

You look like a man re-entering the market.  

By Blogger Jim in Virginia, at Sun May 16, 09:17:00 PM:

Try for a marathon, TH.  

By Blogger Dawnfire82, at Mon May 17, 02:53:00 AM:

Hey Hawk, I remember a few years ago when you were getting off to a rocky start on a 'lose weight' initiative. Congratulations.  

By Blogger rcw, at Mon May 17, 05:23:00 AM:

Holy mackerel! You look amazing, cousin. Simon Kenton said it well...

Gone is that little boy I mentioned in a recent memorabilia piece.

By Blogger Cardinalpark, at Mon May 17, 08:24:00 AM:

Well done!

Go for an Olympic next. See how that feels. It'll probably take you between 2:30 abd 3:00 hours. 1mi swim; 40k bike (26mi) and 10k run. Training is very do-able.  

By Blogger Mike, at Mon May 17, 08:30:00 AM:

Wow. Went for a dip nearby at Sandy Hook yesterday with the kids and it was freezing. Maybe after my blood stopped congealing, the chance to bike in some heat would have been welcome.


By Blogger Brent Buckner, at Mon May 17, 08:31:00 AM:

Well done!

(If folks have the ambition, a lot of them discover that they can *make* the time to step up the distance.)  

By Blogger kreiz1, at Mon May 17, 07:27:00 PM:

Like DawnFire82, I remember TH's complaints about his weight and lethargy. Instead of persisting in idle chatter, he did something about it. Very nicely done- especially for an old guy. :)  

By Blogger joated, at Mon May 17, 09:08:00 PM:

Well done, sir! Pretty good time for your first.  

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