Friday, March 19, 2010

Don't mess with Texas 

Pro-growth economic policies lead to growth and anti-growth, not so much: A graphical depiction of jobs lost and gained around the country.


By Anonymous QuakerCat, at Fri Mar 19, 06:11:00 PM:

What is really interesting about this graph is that it has Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Albany as some of the fastest growing areas in the country. What is sad about this, is that cities have lost so much that there is very little left to lose and as such their growth is more like not shrinking any further, rather than real growth. The NY Times did an article on Upstate New York a few years back and they cited the statistic of how 50 years ago Upstate NY had twice the population it has today. Meaning through really bad state governance, super-union friendly mobs, high tax and anti-business posture, 50 years later after everyone has left the state, your state can look good relatively speaking to the rest of the country when we are in a terrible recession.  

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