Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chris Christie is the man with the plan 

Commanding a national audience here at TigerHawk, we try not to spend too much time on state and local matters above and beyond a few photos and alma mater boosterism. But New Jersey's new Republican governor, Chris Christie, is putting it all on the line to fix out-of-control government spending in the Garden State, so attention must be paid. If he succeeds -- still, to be sure, a long shot -- he will not only save this state and its taxpayers, but will substantially raise the bar for other states: If New Jersey can get its fiscal house in order, then any state can.

Support him for your own good.


By Anonymous Mr. Ed, at Wed Mar 31, 12:55:00 PM:

Been watching him with interest from the other side of fly over country.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Mar 31, 05:49:00 PM:

As skeptical as we all no doubt are about RINO GOP politicians in New Jersey (Christie Whitman, we're looking at you!) I am very happy with Christie. The budget cuts are real, and putting the cap on the ballot is a nice way of seeking a ballot box endorsement of his plans. Everyone can debate it, and after it passes it'll have lots more legitimacy and permanance because he was willing to take the risk of the election instead of trying to get this from the legislature. Well played Governor.  

By Anonymous BobbyRomano, at Wed Mar 31, 06:21:00 PM:

The only thing he's cut is aid to suburban and rural towns and he's "balanced" the budget by skipping the annual pension payments. He hasn't eliminated one program, laid off one state employee or cut one tax. In fact, taxes are up under his budget and spending on state "services" is up 6%. Read the budget, not his speeches on it.

Christie is the ultimate RINO and the proof is his cabinet, a majority of whom are LIBERAL DEMOCRATS (and the rest, liberal Republicans). The closest thing to a conservative in his cabinet is Bret Schundler, who no longer supports school vouchers and is the architect of the proposal to eliminate aid to 100 towns that pay $1.2 Billion in state in come taxes.

Under Christie, the 30 heavily Democrat low income school districts now get 61% of all state aid, UP from 54% under Corzine. If Christie is a conservative, then we don't need any liberals.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Apr 01, 02:44:00 PM:

Maybe he could save money by pardoning John Ray Wilson, the New Jersey man who was convicted in December of growing marijuana that he used to treat his mutiple sclerosis and was sentenced on March 19 to five years in state prison.


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