Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hillary: Africa's elections are corrupt, like ours! 

Why, precisely, Ivy League Democrats think that identifying with African kleptocratic dictators will help either the people of Africa or the United States is beyond me, but they seem to. Now, Hillary Clinton (of all people) has diminished Nigeria's endemic corruption with a comparison to Florida 2000:

Clinton caused another firestorm during her trouble-plagued Africa tour last night by drawing comparisons between political corruption in Nigeria and President Bush's contested election win nine years ago in Florida....

"Our democracy is still evolving. You know we had some problems in some of our presidential elections," she said. "As you may remember, in 2000 our presidential election came down to one state where the brother of one of the men running for president was governor of the state. So we have our problems too."

Seriously? Hillary is complaining about corruption arising from a family relationship with the governor of a southern State? That resurrects memories I would think Hillary ought want to stay buried.

Now, if she had compared Nigerian corruption to Chicago politics....


By Blogger TOF, at Sat Aug 15, 07:43:00 PM:

More smart diplomacy. We're just too dull to understand what she's doing.

Will somebody ask her what she was thinking of?  

By Blogger JPMcT, at Sat Aug 15, 08:09:00 PM:

Yeah...as we all recall after the 2000 election, Bush sent in his goons to all the blue states, killed the men, raped the women, burned the villages and displaced all the survivors to Mexico. Then he staged a 20 million dollar coronation using money given to him by the UN for food.

yeah...were JUST like Africa...  

By Blogger BrendaK, at Sat Aug 15, 08:40:00 PM:

Hillary is totally irrelevant now, and she knows it. Obama has very effectively neutered (yes, I went there) her.

Why shouldn't she say whatever fool thing that comes into her head? It's not like she's actually responsible for managing foreign policy.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Aug 15, 08:42:00 PM:

Well she would know about corruption wouldn't she? How much tainted money has washed through her and her husband's various political activities these past 15 years?

Pot meet kettle.  

By Anonymous WLindsayWheeler, at Sat Aug 15, 09:09:00 PM:

The corruption of that election was by the Democrats! Not by the Republicans. The two counties that got revotes were the two most Democratic counties of Florida! GOP corruption? The Democrats were trying to steal the election by trying to find enough votes. It is the Democrats and unions that go out and pay people to vote, have dead people vote, who vote more than once. It was the dirty Democrats in Florida.

Maybe Hillary should live in Africa and see what its really like. Better yet, have her move to Rhodesia. See what the Liberals of Europe and America did for that country. Hillary and the Democrats have no shame, no remorse, no memory, no honesty, no virtue. As Xenophon pointed out "Wicked people are traitors".  

By Blogger JPMcT, at Sun Aug 16, 07:22:00 AM:

"The corruption of that election was by the Democrats!"

Yeah, it was nice of her to suggest Florida as an example, overlooking Franken's outright theft of the Minnesota election still resounding in our ears.

Stick a fork in Hillary, she is DONE.

Her job (as well as Obama's) is pretty much reading script from Rahm Emanuel anyway. Neither of them get it right half the time.

Ah, yes, the Emanuel brothers...like Karl Rove minus the compassion and common sense!  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Aug 16, 08:52:00 AM:

Hillary who......?

Seriously though, she's trying to exceed Madelaine Albright's record at State. It's a close race to the bottom at this juncture.  

By Blogger davod, at Sun Aug 16, 11:15:00 AM:

Obama and Hillary do not represent the USA overseas, they represent US Progressives. The Internationale fight against the forces of materialism continues.

Otherwise, Hillary might well have used a better third world analogy -The party of El-presidente stopping the loyal opposition from sending mail to its constituents.  

By Blogger Viking Kaj, at Sun Aug 16, 11:23:00 AM:

Huge mistake on her part accepting that job, since you just knew that the White House was planning to do to her what the Bush White House did to Colin Powell.

On the other hand, if you are as tired as I am about the Clinton's influence on national politics then we can only rejoice when she steps in it.

So tell me, how does Bill keep raking it in? What does he do for people that justifies all that money flowing into the Clinton foundation?  

By Blogger davod, at Sun Aug 16, 11:26:00 AM:


Hillary was in Africa to campaign against Human Rights violations and for better goverment.

I wonder what the millions looking for support must have felt when she equated a parliamentary dispute in the USA with the depredations committed during and after some elections in Africa.  

By Anonymous vicki pasadena ca, at Sun Aug 16, 02:27:00 PM:

Karl Rove, compassion and common sense? What kind of drugs are you on?  

By Blogger Assistant Village Idiot, at Sun Aug 16, 07:28:00 PM:

Looks like the irony shipment to pasadena has been delayed this week.  

By Blogger JPMcT, at Sun Aug 16, 08:54:00 PM:

vicki, slip off your tin foil hat for a moment and actually READ AND ANALYZE the writings of Zeke Emanuel.

If you are not STUNNED, then you are simply beyond hope and further conversation is unnecessary.

Being liberal is a nice refuge from the harsh daily vicissitudes of life...but being a realist is what survival is all about.

These people are VERY DANGEROUS.

We can have nice polite theoretical political conversations some other time...PLEASE, you seem like a nice lady, slap yourself in the face and SEE WHAT HESE PEOPLE ARE DOING!  

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By Blogger Georg Felis, at Mon Aug 17, 12:22:00 AM:

Hillary is in a pretty good position right now. As SecState, she can totally *destroy* the credibility of the US abroad, and blame it all on Obama. That is provided she does not care what happens to her future political career.

It is possible (but unlikely) that she will use the threat of that power to get put in the Veep position of the ticket in 2012.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Aug 17, 08:31:00 AM:

Hillary is an afterthought. All the news is being created elsewhere. Unless she can become the veep in the next election, she'll continue to be an afterthought.

Her advancing age is going to also become a factor (she'll be 69 in 2012). It's hard to tell with Hillary, but she looks to be in a very tough spot, politically speaking.  

By Blogger Viking Kaj, at Mon Aug 17, 10:40:00 AM:

Ok, since some of you don't seem to get it...

Hillary = roving ambassador at large removed from the seat of power.

Rahm Emanuel = at the center of the universe for everything including foreign policy.

If you don't believe me check out what happened to Hillary's efforts to place Sid Blumenthal in the O administration.

BTW, foreign policy doesn't really matter to most democratic administrations since they largely mew the one world government line while focussing solely on domestic approval ratings. Remember Bill's foreign policy was dilittantish if not fey, especially after the Lewinsky hit the fan.

The SecState postion was too tempting for Hillary since it helps to keep the family business going (large amounts from foreign donors for the Clinton Foundation).

She will continue on until she makes inevitable gaff and is put out to pasture, where she will be an irrelevancy to domestic politics, thank god.  

By Anonymous vicki pasadena ca, at Mon Aug 17, 11:24:00 AM:

JP, wasn't commenting on Zeke, was commenting on Karl Rove. Tut, tut, get over yourself.  

By Blogger Assistant Village Idiot, at Mon Aug 17, 07:33:00 PM:

Pasadena, still awaiting shipment.  

By Blogger JPMcT, at Tue Aug 18, 07:05:00 AM:

That's OK, vicki...IF health care passes and Zeke is the physician on the panel...he will help you get over your self as well...permanently...especially if you have "nothing to contribute" to the great society.

What's your favorite color? We can turn you into a new flavor of Soylent...  

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