Sunday, August 16, 2009

Exploitation post of the day 

Stephen Green calls this "the best video ever created by the hand of man or beast" and, indeed, "the Greatest Thing in the History of All Stuff Ever." I'm not sure how the second claim is possible in a world with biegnets, but it's probably an exaggeration.


By Anonymous tyree, at Sun Aug 16, 07:58:00 PM:

Biegnets, chicory coffee and a woman in a bikini reading Star Wars.

Just about perfect.  

By Anonymous WLindsayWheeler, at Sun Aug 16, 08:03:00 PM:

Not even close! This is a stupid video and not even clever.

You want to see Clever, Creative, enthralling, Girls AND GUNS, plot and storyline all in one Vid?!?

Check this out:

Russian 007 Video

This has to be the best music video ever created! Girls-n-Guns with happy, zippy upbeat music.  

By Blogger Steve M. Galbraith, at Sun Aug 16, 10:24:00 PM:

And then the knucklehead ruins the mood with the watches.


I'm trying to think of the female equivalent of this.

A clip with a well-groomed, smiling man holding a baby and 100 boxes of shoes?  

By Blogger Kinuachdrach, at Sun Aug 16, 11:05:00 PM:

The 007 motif really made a big impression on Russian women. Here is yet another video, this time by Alena Vinnitskaya. (OK - she's Ukranian, not Russian. Shoot me. Please).


To make is even more curious, I once had to buy a suitcase while visiting a country in the Former Soviet Union. It had a built-in 3-digit combination lock -- code 007.  

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