Friday, July 03, 2009

Rebranding the pachyderm 

An advertising agency has taken it upon itself to use the power of crowds to help rebrand the Republican party:

Our eight week (more or less) mission: To help the Republican Party find its way in these troubled times. For the record, we're not Republicans OR Democrats, and the G.O.P. is NOT a client of ours.

We're Story Worldwide, the world's first Post-Advertising agency, and we do this kind of thing for major brands all the time. The difference: This time we're asking YOU to help us because, hey, it's your country.

We intend this to be a fun social experiment. Just be thoughtful and helpful: No bashing, no flaming. Comment often, come back to see progress, tell your friends. Together, we can heal the elephant.

It might be astroturfing, or it might be real. Either way, a chance to make yourself heard. Heaven knows the GOP can use just about any help it can get, even unsolicited from advertising agencies trolling for business.


By Blogger Elijah, at Fri Jul 03, 12:39:00 PM:

Branding and narrative -
how tax and spend morped into hope and change

from your thread...
Eat statins like there is no tomorrow
TigerHawk at 7/01/2009 10:04:00 PM

a standard paradigm is that atherosclerosis is a lipid disease but a good amount of evidence suggests it is also an inflammatory disease

statins may confer beneficial cardiovascular effects by also decreasing inflammation, which can be measured clinically via hs-CRP

see the JUPITER study and rosuvastatin (Crestor)  

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