Monday, April 20, 2009

Margaret Thatcher on the distribution of wealth 

In this segment from the Prime Minister's question time before Parliament, Margaret Thatcher defends a widening disparity between rich and poor against the forces of socialism. We could use such a leader today. Where is he, or she, when we need him, or her?

CWCID: Theo Spark.


By Anonymous JT, at Mon Apr 20, 06:06:00 AM:

We could use people like here over here, and a few of those dudes in the Monty Python headress at around 3:15 in the video ... ha  

By Blogger SR, at Mon Apr 20, 09:21:00 AM:

Hear, Hear  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Apr 20, 10:09:00 AM:

From Link:

We need a Maggie Thatcher. Can he/she come from today's Republican party? That's the question.

There were a lot of parallels between Maggie and Reagan. They were both successful in pragmatically implementing deeply held beliefs in liberty, free markets and limited government. They both needed things to be bad before voters would listen.

We're about to see in the US a repeat of the conditions that brought Maggie and Ronnie to power. Will it be in two years, four years or eight? My fear is that Obama's spending orgy pushes off the reckoning until he and the Dems cause years of damage.

I also have concerns that the Republican party may not be up to the task. None of their current hopefuls fit the bill. If they continue to listen too much to Rush ... and give the religious right a veto ... they won't make a comeback as a national party. The failure of the Republican party in power is as much the cause of Obama's election as anything.  

By Anonymous Mr. Ed, at Mon Apr 20, 10:28:00 AM:

I looked everywhere for her teleprompter. All I saw was strength, conviction, wit and guts.

Why is it they get Thatcher and we get Pelosi?

God must prefer the Brits. It's so obvious. We should accept this and show them more respect, not less.

Wouldn't this be a good time for President Obama to schedule another apology?


By Blogger SR, at Mon Apr 20, 07:33:00 PM:

Thatcher worked at her craft. She took lessons with the National Theatre. Republican speakers desperately need such experience. (Sarah Palin especially)  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue Apr 21, 01:00:00 AM:

Re Mr. Ed's question, "Why is it they get Thatcher and we get Pelosi?"

Perhaps we can negotiate a foreign exchange deal? On the other hand, we really need to keep the Brits as allies...  

By Anonymous contactos barcelona, at Sat Nov 12, 04:19:00 AM:

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