Monday, March 09, 2009

How to test if science is free from politics 

With great fanfare, President Obama has issued a "presidential memorandum aimed at insulating scientific decisions across the federal government from political influence." There will be, of course, an acid test of the honesty in the application of President Obama's new directive: Whether scientists who question the prevailing dogma regarding anthropogenic climate change and who propose to test its key findings can get federal money to do their work. If not, you will know that this directive is just politicizing science in the opposite direction.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Mar 09, 11:33:00 AM:

You and I both know that the Dem's will always tie science and politics. Might as well through religion in there as well.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Mar 09, 12:14:00 PM:

This is completely political. Embryonic stem cells have done nothing but waste 100s of billions of dollars to grow tumors in michael faker fox's lab rats.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Mar 09, 12:15:00 PM:

Obama claims science should be free of politics. His real agenda is that it should be free of ethics. And behind all of this is the unspoken claim of the right of people to avoid responsibility at any cost - even if I need to kill embryos, or the unborn in the process. Typical Chicago politics: glorifying the expedient as if it were virtuous.  

By Blogger JH, at Mon Mar 09, 01:35:00 PM:

Biologically, life begins at conception...it was the courts that politically decided it wasn't.

Wonder how Barry feels about that  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Mar 09, 02:08:00 PM:

President Obama is really getting on my negative side now.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Mar 09, 02:44:00 PM:

I'll believe it when the debate over Yucca becomes more grounded in science and less in harry reid's tantrums.  

By Blogger Mrs. Davis, at Mon Mar 09, 05:03:00 PM:

Does this mean the politicians are leaving the global cooling/warming/change debate to the scientists now?  

By Blogger SR, at Mon Mar 09, 09:16:00 PM:

J Hawk: Remember, it is above his pay grade.  

By Blogger Brian, at Wed Mar 11, 02:40:00 AM:

TH, you picked the wrong test since the few aging denialists among the scientists don't even do research any more.

The real test of Obama would be examining the environmental impacts of ethanol.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Mar 11, 10:07:00 AM:


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