Monday, January 19, 2009

Medieval is as medieval does 

If you needed some poetic justice or some evidence that Allah might not be on the side of the bad guys or maybe only a good belly laugh, you will be delighted to learn that bubonic plague is ripping through an al Qaeda cell in North Africa. Bwahahaha!

Bubonic plague, of course, is the disease that probably caused "the Black Death" during Europe's 14th century. Probably, because somebody occasionally argues that the medieval disease spread too quickly to have been bubonic plague alone, and may have included pneumonic plague some bovine disease such as anthrax. It may also have given rise to a gene that helps people of European descent resist HIV.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Jan 19, 09:04:00 AM:

Any chance the Boyz in the Maghreb have been playing around with pathogens in ways they shouldn't have been?  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Jan 19, 09:11:00 AM:

As I recall, a cooling planet can set off an epidemic of bubonic plague. though it may not be the cause of this outbreak.  

By Blogger Coach Morgan, at Mon Jan 19, 10:14:00 AM:

Several possibilities - random bad luck, divine retribution, CIA black ops against AQ, or AQ experimentation gone awry. Hope it's not the latter.  

By Blogger Dawnfire82, at Mon Jan 19, 01:48:00 PM:

Or a bogus story.  

By Blogger K. Pablo, at Mon Jan 19, 09:07:00 PM:

I don't think it takes NBC warfare types to promote this infection. All you need is infected rats, fleas, and a lack of access to doxycycline or cipro.  

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