Sunday, January 25, 2009

All in the family 

The Booth family, it turns out, also had it in mind to murder Andrew Jackson. Jackson, too, had stood up for the Union during the "nullification" crisis, thirty years before the Civil War.


By Blogger K. Pablo, at Sun Jan 25, 01:04:00 PM:

Note the name "Junius Brutus Booth". Middle name is also that of an assassin. An ill-starred family.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Jan 25, 03:20:00 PM:

Et tu, Brutus?  

By Blogger Steve M. Galbraith, at Sun Jan 25, 04:47:00 PM:

The bad seed?

Oswald had two daughters and no sons, I believe.


Dodging a....well never mind..  

By Blogger Dawnfire82, at Mon Jan 26, 08:00:00 AM:

Sexist! Women can be traitorous murderers too!



Apparently, they just aren't as successful at it, yet. Another glass ceiling, I'm sure.  

By Blogger Jason Pappas, at Mon Jan 26, 12:54:00 PM:


From what I read Andrew Jackson was strongly pro-union even as he remained an anti-federalist in principle and practice. His concern with threats to our nation from the southern border motivated his wars with the Indians, British, and Spanish.

In general, the union is what secured our independence. Expanding the union wasn’t manifest destiny as some would say of his protégée, James Polk, but simply a realist measure to make our nation strong and able to withstand foreign threats.

None of this contradicts his ‘states rights’ posture since he saw the nation as a union of states. It was known as the “United States” when I grew up.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue Jan 27, 01:15:00 PM:

Howard Zinnteaches Manifest Destiny was a racist plot. But then he's a simple minded fool. So waht if Obama respects him...  

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