Saturday, May 03, 2008

Ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty or more... 

The Bloody Red Baron was rollin' out the score...


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun May 04, 12:26:00 AM:

The one who truly shot down the RED BARON(MANFRED VON RICKHOFTEN)is unknown another it was credited to CAPT ROY BROWN but australian antiaircraft gunners were firing at him and all three planes were going rooftop leavel he was killed by one bullet  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun May 04, 02:11:00 PM:

An amazing ace.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun May 04, 05:29:00 PM:

Only two comments? I guess time marches slowly on. When I was a kid everyone knew the story of the Red Baron. Of course, at that time he had been dead for 40 years. Now it is around 90 years, and the last survivors of his generation are almost gone. That and the fact that history is not studied like it used to be. I was on the board to evaluate school text books. One book on the Civil War years didn't mention Gen. Robert E. Lee at all.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon May 05, 09:20:00 AM:

Being posted on a Sunday probably made a lot of us miss it.

Oh, and how can you not post that song:


or Snoopy's tale:



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