Sunday, April 02, 2006

If not global warming, then Princeton warming 

This blog is not really a diary, but it sometimes substitutes for one. For example, it tracks the arrival of the flowers on Witherspoon Street in Princeton. I took the picture below on April 16, 2005:

The same flowers have arrived much earlier this year. Here they are this morning:

Even allowing for some blossom lag -- they stay on the trees for a couple of weeks -- spring has definitely sprung much earlier this year than last.

If you don't live at sea level or worry about the northern Atlantic salt conveyor, it's kinda nice.


By Blogger Sissy Willis, at Sun Apr 02, 05:24:00 PM:

You get an A in Natural History for your excellent field observations. I used to keep an illustrated journal while studying plant communities and such in the Radcliffe Seminars Landscape program [now translocated to the Arnold Arboretum] years ago and documented a longer span of earlier and later harbingers of spring. From a March 26 post last year:

Early spring bloomers were flowering much earlier in the season back in 1991. As we noted then, "The winter has been notably mild, so we might expect things to be a little ahead of schedule."

The earliest blooming maple, Acer saccharinum (Silver Maple), only now starting to flower in our side yard, was already in full bloom on March 6, 1991. Get those global-warming folks on the phone!

After this year's mild winter, the Silver Maple was back to its early blooming tricks.

A page from a gardener's journal  

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