Friday, October 07, 2005


The last several days have witnessed an Islamic Terror Offensive, probably timed for Ramadan. The new attacks on Bali, followed up with attempted, alleged attacks in Paris, Oklahoma City and New York have to be linked. In my opinion, it cannot be coincidental. Thankfully, save for Bali, the "attacks" have been rather pathetic failures.

Furthermore, we should recall that the history of jihadi terrorists is that they like to hit the same place over and over again. They hit the WTC twice. It may be, though it is rank speculation, that in fact they hit Oklahoma City twice. Much too early to tell, but if there was jihadi involvement in 1995, they used a white guy to execute. If it turns out Heinrich was an islamic terrorist weapon, again they used a white guy in the heartland to do it...or at least try to do it.

While it is certainly uncomfortable to think these guys have enough reach to try to pull this stuff off, it is at least encouraging that they've not succeeded here, at least not yet. It is also very encouraging that Heinrichs was turned back in an attempt to buy ammonium nitrate, and may have been turned away by stadium entry guards.

This morning I took the subway to my office, which I don't ordinarily do. I usually walk or take a cab. There were NYPD people at each station, at the entrance and on the platform. At the entrances, the police cars had their lights on. Clearly, the presumption is that jihadis are looking for soft targets...and we are hardening ours. Vigilance is critical, but so is maintaining one's lifestyle and composure.

Last night, Bernard Safir, the former NYPD Chief reminded the Fox audience that the NYPD had arrested two Palestinian suicide bombers boarding a train in Brooklyn in 1997...this is a long, long war folks...

UPDATE at 4:20pm

The New York Times is reporting that 3 Al Qaeda operatives have been arrested regarding the threat to the NYC subway system. No other details on the arrests. Here's a New York Post story...similar.


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