Sunday, October 02, 2005

Lt. Gen. David Petraeus speaks at Princeton 

The festivities surrounding the 75th anniversary of Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School For Public and International Affairs continued yesterday with a speech by Lt. General David Petraeus (M.P.A. '85, Ph.D. '87). General Petraeus has recently returned from Iraq, having served as the Commander, Multi-National Security Transition Command and NATO Training Mission. Before that, he was Commanding General of the 101st Airborne Division during its year in Iraq.

The advertised topic of General Petraeus' talk -- which was not covered by the mainstream media -- was "A Soldier's Reflections on Iraq," but it turned out to be a quite specific briefing on the present condition of Iraq's military and special police, which General Petraeus had been charged with organizing and training through the completion of his tour. The Newsweek article that ran at the beginning of his assignment in June 2004 is here, and gives some sense for the scope of the mission at the time.

Your Blogger Networked Correspondant arrived about twenty minutes early and ran into the General and an attractive undergraduate-looking female in his company. The apparent undergraduate was delighted to take my picture with the general, who was also very game about it, which picture I offer up as exciting background color. Princetonians in the readership may recognize that as the landing outside McCosh 50. And no, I don't usually wander around wearing orange and black, but my next stop was to be Princeton Stadium to watch the Tigers thrash the Lions of Columbia.

I did learn at the opening of the general's talk, though, that the apparent undergraduate with the credit for that shot was Captain Jean Hull, who had recently served under General Petraeus and is now on leave to earn a graduate degree at the Wilson School. Thank you Captain Hull!

Dean of the Wilson School Anne-Marie Slaughter introduced the general with a lavish recitation of his professional accomplishments and numerous ties to Princeton. It also noted that among his many decorations he is the first post-Saddam recipient of the Iraqi "Golden Order of the Date Palm" for his outstanding service to the people of Iraq. Dean Slaughter also, I might add, recognized the various luminaries in the room, including Senator Paul Sarbanes (who, for my money, is the smartest certified liberal in the Senate).

General Petraeus advertised his briefing as the same that he has given to Congressional delegations, minus a couple of slides with classified material. Since the relationship between the military and Congress has not always been one of strict candor, one was tempted to wonder whether that meant that we were about to be bamboozled. General Petraeus, though, was reasonably blunt about the difficulties in Iraq even while strongly asserting the successes.

General Petraeus engaged immediately, opening with a couple of well-delivered and marginally relevant jokes, and then announced that he would "take up the tool of the officer in combat, which is the laser pointer, and we’ll be off.”

The central theme of his talk, which was supported by lots of data and supporting anecdotes, was that there are a lot of myths about Iraq that need to be dispelled. One such myth is the claim that NATO has not been involved -- General Petraeus forcefully argued that it had been, particularly in the establishment of the military academy and training facilities, but that NATO's participation had been substantially ignored by the press. Another myth is that "the Iraqi forces have no armor." Coalition members from the former Communist bloc have contributed lots of armor compatible with legacy Iraqi experience, including 77 T-70 tanks from Hungary ("which are better than anything the Iraqis had under Saddam"). Iraqi tanks have been organized into an armored brigade which is responsible for securing the airport road ("Route Irish has been free of violence since the Iraqi armored brigade took it over").

In General Petraeus' conception, the Transition Command has five missions:

To "help Iraqis." "We believed what TE Lawrence said: “Do not try to do too much with your own hands. Better the Arabs do it tolerably than that you do it perfectly. It is their war, and you are to help them, not win it for them.”

To "organize" the Iraqi military. The task of building a functioning military and special police force is extremely complex, and the Iraqis are doing it with Coalition and NATO guidance. Iraq is doing its own "recruiting and vetting." We are helping them design the units, which includes the personnel and command structure of each unit from the platoon on up.

The organization of the training of the special Iraqi police had to be particularly original. We have "dramatically shifted" the police training from the Kosovo model. “Iraq is not a 9mm pistol world, it is an AK47 world.”

To equip the Iraqi military.

This is an enormous task. "I cannot overstate how big this mission is." More than 700,000 uniforms, 210,000 sets of body armor, hundreds of thousands of small arms, helmets, hundreds of million of rounds of ammunition, 20,000 vehicles and so forth have been distributed to Iraqi forces.

All these soldiers and equipment have been housed. We have built more than twenty facilities for the Iraqi military, including five large bases that can house an entire division, "each the size of Ft. Drum."

To train the Iraqi military.

Notwithstanding the huge size of Saddam's military, even experienced Iraqi officers did not know how to train. For example, they did not train with live ammunition because of shortages, and expressed wonder at American methods for teaching marksmanship. Historically, “the inshallah school of shooting” prevailed. Iraqi soldiers in combat would hold the weapon over their head, shoot wildly until the magazine was empty, and “inshallah -- meaning if God wills it -- you will hit something.”

To mentor Iraqi military and police leaders.

There are 115 Iraqi battalions in combat right now, and every single one of them has a ten man American training team. The American training team teaches the Iraqi officers how to lead and helps coordinate Coalition assistance in logistical matters and combat support. “A huge effort paying enormous dividends.”

So, what's the "bottom line up front?" Iraqi soldiers and special police are “very much in the fight,” as evidenced, “sadly,” by the casualties they have taken in combat, which are at least twice the American.

The most impressive thing about the Iraqi units is how tenacious they have become, notwithstanding early reports that they would cut and run. According to General Patraeus, since the January elections, from which the Iraqi security forces “took an enormous lift that still persists,” the Iraqi forces "have not run from a fight, they have not backed down." This strikes me, by the way, as enormously hopeful for the future of Iraq, the persistence of the counterinsurgency, and the power of democracy to motivate the fight against the war on terror.

More highlights from the Transition Command's work:

Under NATO's auspices, the Iraqi military academy is open with entirely Iraqi instructors. It might have been opened much earlier with foreign instructors, but the Coalition felt that it was important to make it an Iraqi endeavor. General Patraeus noted later that he was very unhappy that this achievement got essentially no coverage in the media given its importance to success in Iraq.

Short- Mid- and Long-Range plans for the future development of the military are in place and being executed, relating to force structure, training, institutions, equipment. This all being done in conjunction with Iraqis.

At any given time, there are more than 3000 Iraqis out of the country training, including 2000 at a police academy in Jordan, and another 200 at an elite training facility “in a neighboring country.” It was obvious that this neighboring country is classified, and we can assume that it isn't Jordan, which he mentioned specifically. Assuming that it isn't Syria or Iran, that leaves Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Since there would be no need to keep a facility in Kuwait secret and since it would be in Turkey's external interest to be seen to be helping NATO (given its pending application to join the EU), my guess is that the secret training facility is in Saudi Arabia, which undoubtedly does not want to be caught collaborating with the United States to kill Sunni guerrillas.

General Patraeus' discussion of metrics was very interesting, but I was only able to capture some of it. He did, however, explain the "readiness levels" that have so bedeviled the discussion of Iraqi preparedness.

There are 105,000 “trained and equipped” Iraqi forces through basic training and in the field under the Ministry of Interior Forces, which covers police, police commandos, highway patrol, dignitary protection, etc. These units are not “fully independent,” but they are getting there.

Ministry of Defense Forces Trained and Equipped 89,000, including the Iraqi Army, Special Operations, Air Force, Navy, and Combat Support.

“These are not people who have just walked across the stage. They are out there and in combat. For example, this number is about 12,000 fewer than the number of police trained, because some of them don’t make it.”

Soldiers are graduating every day. By the October 15 referendum on the constitution (which Patraeus predicted will pass), trained and equipped military and special police will total 200,000, and 300,000 by next summer.

The progress since the summer of 2004, when General Patraeus assumed command, has been considerable. Fifteen months ago, only six battalions of Iraqi army (less than 2,000 men) were in training, and none were "in the fight." Now, 14 battalions are in training, and 74 are operational and in the fight.

A year ago, there were no special police units. Now there are 27 battalions in the fight, and five more serving as border patrol and emergency response. These are all top-down units, none that have failed “like the homegrown Fallujah brigade.”

These units are all classified according to "readiness reports" that are very similar to those used for the American army.

Level 1 is fully independent, “capable of planning and executing operations, and sustaining itself, without coalition support.” This is a very high standard, and because it requires no coalition support in combat, whether logistical or in the form of indirect fire support. As reported this week, only one battalion operates at this level now, but the press accounts did not make clear what a difficult standard this is. Indeed, two other battalions had reached this level but were downgraded because of personnel changes (my sense was that a key officer was transferred).

A significant and growing number of Iraqi units are at Level 2, which is substantially, but not totally, independant. Level 2 units are “in the lead,”, "capable of planning, executing and sustaining counterinsurgency operations with some coalition support." These units are substantially independent, but still need some assistance with logistics and indirect fire support. However, they operate independently for most intents and purposes. Level 2 battalions now “own Haifa Street” in a way that only local units can, and another unit -- the armored battalion -- is policing the airport road. Level 2 units also run Karbala and Najaf security.

Level 3, “fighting alongside”: "capable of conducting counterinsurgency operations in conjunction with coalition units." The goal is to get most of these Level 3 units up to Level 2 in the next few months.

So, over 115 Army and special police battalions are in the fight, the majority of which are “fighting alongside.”

The training of the special police is also proceeding well. Iraqi cops are learning basic criminal investigation, internal controls, interviews and interrogations, elections security, counter terrorism, SWAT, dignitary protection.

“Not FBI caliber, don’t let me mislead you, but it is still very useful.”

Weapons and other supplies deliveries are amazing, including hundreds of thousands of uniforms, 19,000 vehicles, 216,000 sets of body armor, 184,000 AK-47s, 166,000 pistols.

Why AK-47s (the Automatic Kalashnikov model year 1947, for those of you who do not know)? Because they are durable weapons that do not need a great deal of maintenance, and Iraqis have been using them for years and know how to maintain them. Patraeus told an anecdote about walking into a training class in which an American sargeant was teaching a room full of Iraqis how to clean an AK-47. He interrupted the sargeant and asked the students how many of them already knew how to take apart the rifle, and virtually all of them raised their hands. He asked several of them to prove it, and two or three quickly stripped and rebuilt their weapon. The class moved on to the next subject.

The key objectives for the future must be to continue to build infrastructure, transition bases to Iraqi control, but mostly we need to continue building and training Iraqi leaders. This is "the most critical thing."

General Patraeus concluded with a very eloquent tribute to the efforts of the soldiers, Marines, sailors and air men who are working so hard to rebuild Iraq, and at the end of the prepared remarks the skeptical Princeton audience gave him a standing ovation.

The general took a number of questions from the audience, three of which were interesting.

The first dealt with the controversial disbanding of the Iraqi army. "What lesson could we learn from the disbanding of the Iraqi army?" Patraeus substantially dodged this question as not having been his call, but left the audience with two impressions. First, that the existing Iraqi army was not very useful: “I do not necessarily accept the idea that we should not have disbanded that Iraqi army. It was bloated with general officers – there were 1100 generals in one province alone, each one of whom expected us to do what they wanted – and it was an army that had not fought.” Second, without saying as much it is fairly clear from his comments that he thinks that we blew the means by which we disbanded the army, particularly in not having a plan to employ its soldiers and officers afterward.

The other interesting question involved the "public relations" war. "Are we losing the PR war to the enemy? What are you doing on the marketing PR front?"

General Patraeus said that they have given the media an enormous amount of information, including countless important metrics for measuring progress, but that it is largely ignored. He observed that the enemy “On many days it is impossible to break through the steady drumbeat of sensational attacks occurring in Baghdad throughout the country. The opening of the new military academy got no coverage at all, even though it was a big event with the whole Iraqi government in attendance."

Patraeus is obviously extremely unhappy with the monomaniacal press coverage.

Finally, Anne-Marie Slaughter asked the Abu Ghraib question – “what can we do, going forward, to acknowledge what we have to acknowledge but also to restore the values that we stand for in others eyes?”

Patraeus said that Abu Ghraib had been very damaging, but that there has been “an enormous change in the detainee operations piece... One of the lessons is that the most important job of a commander or leader is the setting of a tone. That sounds very simplistic, but in combat setting the right tone is hugely important.” I think we have gone back and looked very, very hard the tone we are setting. We have 29 operations lawyers [Good God. - ed.]. Patraeus described a recent "very minor" incident, and "we brought in the lawyers, brought in the imams," to discuss it openly and resolve it. And we are doing things that seem unimportant to us, but which are very meaningful to Iraqis. One of the imams asked us to install clocks in the prison so that the prisoners would know when to pray, so we put in clocks.

“How do we portray our sincere desire to help? It is very challenging, because the other side is enormously skilled in information operations. In Fallujah, by the way, there were two broadcasting stations in addition to the car bomb factories and the arms caches. The enemy is very sophisticated."

UPDATE: In the popular imagination, the Iraqi "police" that we have been training are guys in blue shirts who carry pistols and direct traffic. In fact, many of them are essentially light infantry armed with AK-47s under control of the Ministry of the Interior, rather than the Ministry of Defense. These guys do not look like the constabulary roaming the average American suburb in their patrol cars. As LTG Patraeus said, they do not work in a 9mm pistol world.

Welcome Instapundit readers! If this is your first time to TigerHawk, please take a moment to look around.

UPDATE (7:45 pm Monday): A reader sent me a link to the video recording of General Petraeus' speech. I have not seen the video (having watched it live), but if the quality is decent you should be able to see his slides, some of which were very illuminating.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Oct 02, 11:03:00 AM:

Dear Mr. TigerHawk:

Excellent. Thank you for taking the time to write this.

On a somewhat related subject, we have posted our thoughts on General Richard Myers's term as Chairman of the JCS. Our conclusion: although certainly a fine officer, he was miscast for this role.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Oct 02, 11:27:00 AM:

Did Patraeus have any comments on the sectarian cast to the new Iraqi forces? Did he address the issues arising from have Shiite forces patroling Sunni cities, or Kurds fighting in Turkomen cities?  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Oct 02, 12:12:00 PM:

Did Petraeus specify when the Iraqi Armor got to the airport road? I was there less then two months ago - there were plenty of BTRs and Special Police-but no regular armor. There were no plans at the time to replace the SPs they were doing well. Is it possible that you misinterpreted something?  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Oct 02, 12:16:00 PM:

The WMD issue, the fact that Rice will not report the Terror numbers, and Plame not being indicted for criminal conspiracy; one might ask if the President of this University was hired by CIA like the other ones after the covert WMD policy was known from Rice's degree?  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Oct 02, 12:19:00 PM:

Terrorism Unveiled:

Fellow blogger, Keith Devens, knows how much I think of Condi Rice as a role model, so he sent along this link that detailed Rice's speech at Princeton. The transcript is located here.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Oct 02, 12:31:00 PM:

Thank you for this report, Tigerhawk

CFR Princeton'88  

By Blogger TigerHawk, at Sun Oct 02, 01:06:00 PM:

Answers to questions from commenters:

Mark Zimmerman: No, LTG Petraeus did not comment on the sectarian cast to the new Iraqi forces. Good questions, though -- I wish that he had.

Max: No, he did not specify when the Iraqi armor got to the airport road. I doubt I misunderstood, but he was going pretty fast so it is always possible.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Oct 02, 01:25:00 PM:

Very informative and valuable report, both by the General and by your blog. Very sad that MSM didn't cover this speech. I learned more here than in weeks of reading regular press accounts regarding the training and equiping of Iraqi forces. Thanks.  

By Blogger TimDido, at Sun Oct 02, 01:50:00 PM:

No kidding - excellent report. I learned a lot more here than I ever would from the MSM - I'm sorry I missed the talk.

Did you see Secretary Chertoff's talk, or was that during the game?  

By Blogger TigerHawk, at Sun Oct 02, 02:00:00 PM:

Had the afternoon not been so beautiful, I would have suffered through Secretary Chertoff rather than the game. But it was a gorgeous fall day, perhaps one of the last really nice days until April, so I decided to go see the game. Also, the Princeton-Columbia games have been great recently. Two years ago Columbia won in Princeton on a 49 yard Hail Mary, and last year the Tigers got revenge in OT in New York. This year's game was a true thrashing, but it went our way. Princeton, I might add, is 3-0, which is forcing me to reconsider my rather dim opinion of Coach Hughes.  

By Blogger Lindybill, at Sun Oct 02, 03:30:00 PM:

Excellent report, TH. I suspect that there was a low turnout for his speech. Am I right?  

By Blogger TigerHawk, at Sun Oct 02, 03:50:00 PM:

Actually, Bill, he filled McCosh 50, which all Princetonians know is a fairly large lecture hall (large enough to have balcony seats -- probably 350 people fit in there). They simulcast the speech to two other sites on campus, but I do not whether they filled up. He definitely drew a crowd, but more alumni than undergraduates.  

By Blogger Gordon Smith, at Sun Oct 02, 03:53:00 PM:

Thanks Hawk, lots of good information there.

I wonder if any of the following were addressed:

- The offensives in the border towns near Syria. al-Sadr's boys keep taking towns, then we go in and retake them. Our troops are then redeployed, and then the Sadr boys come crawling back to take another town. Are there enough troops to secure the border towns?

- What are the long-term plans for the permanent military bases we are building on the border with Iran?

- How many troops are on stop-loss?

- How many of the troops are National Guard?

- Why does the General think that the constitution will pass?

I realize the General probably didn't directly address these issues, else you would've been as forthcoming with that info as you were with the rest. But I'm hoping to squeeze just a little more information out of you.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Oct 02, 04:06:00 PM:

..Very informative and enlighting article..Thank You..Yankee PaPa..  

By Blogger TigerHawk, at Sun Oct 02, 04:23:00 PM:

Screwy, you asked (generally) good questions as usual. No, the LTG did not address these issues, but I have a couple of reactions.

First, the guys occupying the towns near Syria are not al-Sadr's boys, who are concentrated around Baghdad and theoretically, at least, not fighting any more. If you believe the press accounts, the guys in the towns in the Sunni triangle are a mixture of Ba'athist rejectionists, mostly Sunni Iraqi nationalists, and al Qaeda in Iraq.

Second, I certainly hope that the long-term plans for the permanent military bases along the Iranian border are, er, long-term and permanent. The Iranian border certainly sounds like an excellent place for an American base. But if we aren't in them I am sure that they would be very useful for a substantially bolstered Iraqi army.

I believe the LTG thinks the Constitution will pass because he has done the math and does not think that the opposition can get two-thirds in three provinces. Probably because Moqtada al-Sadr, the "radical" Shiite, has told his followers to vote their conscience. The view is that will tip Baghdad, which might otherwise have gone against (not Petraeus' argument, but a popular one elsewhere in the 'sphere).

I don't know about the stop-loss and National Guard numbers.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Oct 02, 04:36:00 PM:

another 200 at an elite training facility “in a neighboring country.” It was obvious that this neighboring country is classified, ... perhaps because the neighboring country is west of Jordan (grin) and is known for its "elite" military (grin ** 2)  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Oct 02, 05:03:00 PM:

The reason why the Iraqi Constitution will pass is because it was written by Iraqis with the intent of having it pass.

They know their people much better than you or I. This is the best constitution that they could write. If they could have written a better one, they would have.

After 30 years of Saddam, any government will have to wade knee deep in the manure he left behind. It will take the efforts of the nation to clean it up.  

By Blogger Gordon Smith, at Sun Oct 02, 06:40:00 PM:


Thanks for the responses. I thought I'd read that one of the border towns was captured a couple of weeks ago by insurgents who renamed the town after al-Sadr and posted Islamic Law at the town limits. But I'll defer to your knowledge unless I can recover the info I'm referring to.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Oct 02, 08:17:00 PM:

Thats a wonder they still allow miltary persons there but thats PRINCTON not SAN FRANCISCO  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Oct 02, 10:59:00 PM:

1776 to 1789 was not a short amount of time. Things did not go smoothly for us. We made it. I think the Iraqs will also. Don't sell short the people who live at the confluence of the Tigris and the Euphrates!  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Oct 03, 11:40:00 AM:

We are great admirers of LTG Petraeus in our home (and understand that he has achieved something close to god-like status among the Kurds)--thank you for this fine report on what appears to have been an excellent presentation. I hope the General knows that due to the efforts of bloggers such as yourself, Arthur Chrenkoff and many others, news like the opening of the military academy does not go entirely unnoticed. Thanks again.  

By Blogger guinspen, at Mon Oct 03, 07:44:00 PM:

I want the hell out of here.

So take off, already.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Oct 03, 08:51:00 PM:

Terrific and informative article about LTG Petraeus at Princeton. It's a damned shame that the MSM refuses to cover the "news" of what is actually happening in Iraq.

Thanks much.  

By Blogger Kevin L. Connors, at Tue Oct 04, 12:59:00 PM:

I don't know if the error was LTG Petraeus' or yours, Tigerhawk. But the Hungarian tanks were T-72s. The T-70 is a WWII vintage light tank of little use today. The T-72 is far more formidable, but still no match for the Challenger II or M1A1.  

By Blogger Unknown, at Sat Oct 08, 11:39:00 AM:

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Merci pour est un bon blogger.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Aug 16, 07:21:00 AM:

Hi Tigerhawk, I'm just finding this post now, two years later-- I'll be curious to see your update after Petraeus's report in September.

Pam Wesson '76
Paris, France  

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صور غريبة صور
غريبة ،
صور جديدة
صورة جديدة،
صور مذهلة 
صور مذهلة،
صور لم تراها 
صور لم تراها،
صور ابداع 
صور ابداع،
صور اطفال 
صور اطفال ، صور تؤام ،
لقطات ،
صور طبيعة 
صور من الطبيعة،
صور جبال، صور مناظر طبيعية
صور مناظر طبيعية
صور كهوف  صور
كهوف ،  منتديات خوخ  
صور بنات
صور بنات 
صور  صور بنات    بنات
صور  منتديات  منتديات خوخ 
صور مضحكة
صور مضحكة صور مضحكة صورة مضحكه رائعة
صور ، 
صور ماسنجر 
صور ماسنجر صور للماسنجر رائعه وبرامج ماسنجر

منتديات خوخ
، ماسنجر بلس
ماسنجر بلس خوخ لتلوين الماسنجر الوان الماسنجر الرائعه استخدم
بلس بلس 
ابتسامات ماسنجر
ابتسامات ماسنجر  ابتسامات
ماسنجر  منتديات   منتديات 
صور حب
صورحب حب  صور
حب ،
صور رومانسيه
صور رومانسيه  رومانسية
صور خوخ
منتديات خوخ
انتهاء صلاحية وجه مايكل جاكسون
جاكسون    صور
صور بنات 
هكذا تحل القضايا
الاسلامية لاحول ولاقة الا بالله
قبر في العالم
افخم قبر‏
 ولا أحلى ادخل
شباب واحد في مدينة جدة هاوي بلوت (مدمن
الذي حصل على جائزة اجمل بيت في العالم
اجمل بيت 
رسمـ طباشير ثلاثي
أبعاد والله روعة
رسم    صور
صور ماسنجر خوخ    صور
رمزية للمنتديات
صور رمزية  لآأيق عليهآ
رائعة من مهرجان التوائم الذي اقيم مؤخرا بايران‎
دقق في الصوره
كم   صور
بنات حلوة جديد

صوره فقعت بطني
من الضحك 
سيارت المرور
مانشستر متحف الماء 
هذي نهاية كل
حمار يتعرض للحميرات المحترمات

لقطات بالعدسه
ولا اروع
  لقطات  سيارات
المرور الجديدة‎

مانشستر في المتحف
متحف ، المتحف
 متى يستطيع بني
آدم المشي على الماء؟!!‎

اعنف واغرب مبارة
لكرة القدم

:. باقه من خلفيات صور للاطفال .:

كرة قدم عمركم
سمعتوا بمزايين للدجاج تفضلوا بعد التعديل

مزايين عمرك سمعتوا
بمزايين الدجاج خخ اجل ادخل وشوف بعينك

لمحبي المايونيز
موضوع خطير جدا ادخل وشوف

الطريقة الخليجية
للذِهاب إلى المدرسةِ

المدرسة ااحدث
سياره في السعوديه ؟؟لايفوتكم

احدث سيارة
سبحان الخالق
سبحان الله
صور جميلة وحساسة
‏صور صورصور رومانسية
صور رومانسية آخر
تعديلات على كامري2007

كامري 2007 فن
التغليف خطوة بخطوة بالصور حصري
فن التغليف
كمبيوتر نذل كمبيوتر  اطول
شعر في العالم
اطول شعر
حر في الرياض الرياض
حر فخامة السجاد
  السجاد عجوز
تدهس حفيدتها بقـدمها حتى المـوت. فقط لأصحاب القـلوب القوية
القلوب ‏صور
دباديب متوحشة
منتديات خوخ
http://forum.5aa5.com/f2  خبيرة صور
 أسعد الله
اسعد اوقاتكم  أنواع
الدموع وأجملها
انواع الدموع  خذ
نصيحتك بناءً على أول حرف من أسمك
خذ نصيحتك خبيرة
بريطانية اتجهت تركت الطب واتجهت لهز الوسط
بريطانية  فــــي
ماأجمل عطاء النفس
اجمل عطاء النفس    مبارك
عليكم الشهر
قوانين الحياة

قوانين ‏اول
مخترعون أول من اخترع ؟

اول من اخترع
من قرأ سورة
الكهف في يوم الجمعة أضاء له النور ما بين الجمعتين
صورة الكهف ، الجمعة
هواتف مشايخ
ويمكن الاتصال بهم مباشره ونسال الله التوفيق لنا ولكم

هواتف مشايخ للصورة معنى
صور معنى وحديث  صور
فضائح ارجو عدم الحذف والتثبيت

فضائح فضايح  ‏
بحر الحيـــــاه
فيديو يوتيوب
تلذذ في التلاوة من ياسر الدوسري
ياسر الدوسري هديه من القلب 
هدية ، القلب 
من تختار ليمسح
لك دموعك
  لك ، دموعك ماهي
فاكهة المنتديات خوخ
ـآجمل فلفسفة
!!!! ( بين ذكر وـآنثى )

اجمل فلسفة
تفضلو في هذا
الموضوع 5 دقايق بس

إبحث عن المصدر
دائماً ولا تتعجل

تلاوة القرآن
الكريم …بظغطه واحده
~~: اعتذارات
للحيـــــــاة :~~

اعتذارات  ا
قلمـ رصــاص░ أو ░ قلمـ حبــــــر ░
رصاص ، قلم حبر !!
الرَحَيلْْْ بلآ صّوت!!
الرحيل بلا صوت   ‏  مبدع
وموهوب ‎
 دقايق  قل
لماضيك وداعا
..:; { الـ ق ـلم رجل والـورقة انـ ث ـى } ;:.. :.
القلم رجل الورقة انثى
((( فكر .. قبل
أن تكتب .. !! )))
 فكر قبل ان مبدع
وموهوب  تكتب اخليط
… بكل ثقة
  بصراحة الصراحة
 القرآن الكريم شفاء
القران الكريم شفاء
ستايلات جديده
استايلات جديده 
ستايلات جديدة
ستايلات جديدة 
احمر احمر
ورق الحائط 
ورق الحائط 
احذية كيوت
احذية كيوت
بلايز صيفي
بلايز صيفي  
بلايز بلايز 
شنط و ساعات
شنط ساعات 
شنط -
شنط - ساعات 
احلى ثياب للأطفال
احلى ثيات للاطفال 
ثياب ثياب 
إستعمال الفازلين
استعمال الفازلين
الجاذبية عند البنات
الجاذبية البنات 
بلايز عام2008
بلايز 2008 -انواع
قصات وصبغات الشعر

انواع قصات وصبغات الشعر 
قصات الشعر
قصات الشعر 
صبغات الشعر
صبغات الشعر 
خواتم فخمه
خواتم فخمة 
فساتين زفاف للمحجبات
فساتين زفاف للمحجبات  
فساتين للمحجبات
فساتين للمحجبات 
صور نضارات روعه
صور نظارات روعه 
استايلات روعة
استايلات روعة
روائح المطبخ الكريهة
المطبخ روائح الكريهة  
نصائح  -
السمك المشوي
السمك المشوي 
حلقان حلوه
حلقان حلوه ستايلات
ورق ورق 
السمك سمك
شاعر المليون
شاعر المليون ، شاعر المليون 3
خواطر خواطر
خواطر رومانسية
خواطر رومانسية
خواطر حب
خواطر حب
خواطر جميلة
خواطر جميلة
قصائد قصص  روايات ادبيه طويله
روايات  قصص واقعية
قصص واقعية 
قصص مؤثرة
قصص مؤثرة 
قصص حب قصص
قصص رومانسيه
قصص رومانسيه 
روايات رومنسيه
روايات رومنسيه 
قصة واقعيه
قصة و روايات حب
روايات حب 
قصة خيال
قصة خيال 
قصة خيالية رائعة
قصة خيالية رائعة
حب حب    
قصة البروفيسور
قصة البروفيسور 
قصه تشبه الخيال
قصة تشبة الخيال 
قصه قصه 
قصـه مــــرعبة
قصة مرعبة 
لقمان الحكيم
لقمان الحكيم لقمان
محمد العريفي
محمد العريفي  الشيخ محمد العريفي 
قصة الشيخ محمد العريفي
قصة الشيخ محمد العريفي
معاكس طائش
معاكش طائش
قصة سوف تنقلب عليك
قصة سوف تنقلب عليك
أستــاذ ذكــي
أستاذ ذكي
فتاة تخدع شاب على الماسنجر
فتاة تخدع شاب على الماسنجر
لمن لا يعرف قصة الحب :فيدخل ويقرأ عنه
لمن لايعرف قصة حب يدخل فضيحة طالبه في المدرسه الثانوي
فضيحة طالبة في المدرسة الثانوية  فضيحة
فضيحة فيضحه  قصة واقعية رومانسة
قصة واقعية رومانسية  قصة رومانسة
 صور ماسنجر
صور ماسنجر 
توبيكات + صور
توبيكات صور 
ابتسامات ماسنجر
ابتسامات ماسنجر 
ابتسامات للماسنجر
ابتسامات ماسنجر 
برامج حماية
برامج حماية فك
ipod Touch
ثيمات  ثيمات  windows XP
حركات ماسنجر
حركات ماسنجر 
ماسنجر مسنجر 
توبيكات ماسنجر
توبيكات ماسنجر 
برامج مضاد الفيرسات
برامج مضادة للفيروسات 
برامج ماسنجر برامج
ماسنجر ، برامج 
حـلول لمشاكل المسنجر
حلول مشاكل الماسنجر المسنجر 
برامج حماية
برامج تصفح 
برنامج تشغيل Mp4
الكتب الاكترونية

الكتب الاكترونية
 برامج فيديو
برامج فديو   برامج كمبيوتر
برامج كمبيوتر  برامج تصفحMcad
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برنامج Ace DivX Player
لتشغيل MP4
ماسنجر بلس
ماسنجر بلس برنامج winrarوين
رار برامج المحادثات
برامج المحادثات  برامج البريد الالكتروني
برامج البريد الالكتروني  برامج جوال
برامج جوال برامج الجوال
برنامج تشغيل 3gp 
ويندوز كريزي 
ويندوز كريزي برنامج الفوتوشوب
برنامج الفوتوشوب Glitter Windows live messenger
توبيك جديد
توبيك جديد توبيكات حلوة
توبيكات حلوة توبيكات
توبيكات ملونة
باتش windows live messenger Windows
live messenger -
ماسنجر الهوتميل
ماسنجر الهوتميل  برامج 2009 
برامج 2009  Nospeed
توبيكات جديـــــده
تشكيله من
الخواتم من تصميم رامز بصمجي
رامز بصمجي
رامز بصمجي
بناطلين واطقم


بناطلين واطقم وبرمودات راقية
تسريحات راقيه

تسريحات راقية تسريحات راقيه 
موسوعة كاملة فى
اكسسوارات - ساعات - نظارات - شنط
موسوعه موسوعة  اكسسوارات
نظارات جميله

و اطقم للجميلات

نظارات جميلة ازياء
كؤوس روعة
كؤوس روعة للعرسان 
اطقم اكسسوارات رائع

اطقم اكسسوارات رائع  جميلات
اجمل الصنادل 2008

صنادل 2008
أزياء روعه
ازياء روعة
ازياء الزفاف
ازياء الزفاف ازياء للزفاف
مكيـاج لبناني

مكياج لبناني
صنادل روعة
صنادل روعة ازياء
ازياء أزياء ازيى صنادل
صنادل أزياء روعه
ازياء للبنات -
ازياء الزفاف
ازياء زفاف -
مكيـاج لبناني

مكياج -
صنادل روعة
روعة فساتين سهرة
فساتين سهرة
مكياج لأجمل عيون
مكياج لاجمل عيون 
ايلي صعب
ايلي صعب أيلي صعب إيلي
صعب  ازياء للمصمم ايلي
ازياء للمصمم ايلي صعب 
فساتين جديدة
تحفة موت
 فساتين جديدة تحفة
فساتين للمحجبات
تحفه جدا ورقيقة

فساتين للمحجبات
فساتين للمحجبات
فساتين للمحجبات
صور للأزياء
صور للازياء 
ازياء هنديه 
ازياء هندية أزياء هندية 
صور ازياء هنديه
صور ازياء هندية  أزياء
أزياء ازياء

كبسة كبسه  مواقع
للطبخ والحلويات

مواقع للطبخ والحلويات 
حلى التويكس
حلى التويكس
شامبانيا سعودي
شمبانيا سعودي 
خلطة كنتاكى
خلطة كنتاكي 
حلى الخرفان
حلى الخرفان حلى خرفان 
وصفه الملوخيه
وصفه الملوخية وصفة الملوخية الملوخيه
الملوخية الملوخيه
كوكتيل برتقال مع
منتديات خوخ

برتقال البرتقال 
كرات الشوكلاته
 كرات الشوكلاته 
كرات الشوكلاته
كرات الشوكلاته اسكالوب بالصلصة
وتكساس فراي

اسكالوب الصلصة  
المطبخ الخليجي

المطبخ الخليجي المطبخ 
حشوة سندويشات
حشوة سندويشات 
سندويشات السندويشات 
محشى البصل
محشي البصل 
موسوعة الأطباق -
موسوعة الأطباق الإيطاليه

الاطباق الايطالية
الايطالية رمضان
وصفات رمضان
وصفات رمضان
سفرة رمضان
سفرة رمضان
الشيف رمزي
الشيف رمزي المصري
المطبخ اللبناني
المبطخ اللبناني 
حلويات حلويات
اكلات سهلة الصنع
اكلات سهلة سهله
تخسيس برامج التخسيس 
hgl'foمكياج روعة الطبخ
الطبخ الشرقي
الطبخ الشرقي
المطبخ الشرقي
المطبخ الشرقي
صور ملابس العيد
صور ملابس العيد صور ملابس
 مكياج روعه بأنامل خبيرة التجميل
السعودية زكية أحمد

خبيرة التجميل 
زكية احمد
زكية احمد أحمد 
مكياج بااربي من Max -
لعشاق اللون الاسود
لعشاق اللون الاسود  مكياج باربي
، برامج كمبيوتر ، برامج مجانية ، برامج تحويل الصوتيات ، برنامج محول الصوت ،
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جديده ، توبيكات جديدة ، توبيكات مزخرفة ، ماسن ، ماسنجر الجديد ، برنامج حمايه

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