Friday, October 28, 2005

Iran's Threat is Broader than Merely Israel 

I've written previously that the Iranian threat extends beyond Israel. Today Ralph Peters shares his similar view. Embedded within the broad argument that the acquisition by Iran of nuclear weapons increases the risk of a dramatic Shiite - Sunni confrontation between historical Persia and Arabia, Peters observes that the Iranian threat may hasten peacemaking between Israel and Arab states. Maybe. Who knows. Israel and Turkey (not Arab, but a regional power) have a positive relationship; and Israel has treaties and relations with Egypt and Jordan. Does the establishment of a Democratic Iraq increase the likelihood of peace between Iraq and Israel? Well, yes. But that isn't saying much, as the odds were zero under Saddam. Still, with Iraq having a significant Kurdish community disposed toward positive Israeli relations, it is not inconceivable - especially if conflict erupts between Iran and Iraq.

It would be ironic if Iranian threats and expansionism actually helped to foster improved relations between Arab nations and Israel.


By Blogger Christian Prophet, at Fri Oct 28, 09:22:00 PM:

There appears to be a death wish involved. See The Christian Prophet blog:


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