Friday, October 28, 2005

Plamegate indictments watch 

On the small chance that you came here before reading Instapundit or Tom Maguire, the morning's hancicapping is coming up this way:

1. The New York Times says that Scooter Libby will be indicted for obstruction only, but that Rove will not be indicted. Fitzgerald, though, will keep Rove under investigation and extend the grand jury for that purpose.

2. Tom Maguire points us to Rich Lowry's "mercifully brief" predictions over at The Corner:
A couple of thoughts: .... 2) Losing Rove would be a very big deal. If only Libby is indicted, it is still a story, it is still a loss to the administration, but it has nowhere near the disruptive effect of a Rove indictment; 3) I believe after all the build-up, an indictment of only Libby would be a big let-down for the eager Fitzmas revelers, and will probably create a mini anti-Fitzgerald backlash among them;...


3. Maguire puts it better: "Just so. After all the hype, the left is desperate for Bush's Brain; they won't be happy if all they get is Cheney's Mouth."

I do think it will be a shame -- and bad for the country -- if Fitzgerald only comes up with a "Martha Stewart" case against Scooter Libby. Interesting, a couple of unreconstructed but non-angry liberals have made the same comment to me in the last few days.


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