Monday, October 24, 2005

Baghdad's Palestine Hotel attacked (again) 

Iraqi insurgents have deliberately attacked the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad, home away from home for much of the foreign media assigned to Iraq.
Rockets and car bombs hit the Palestine Hotel on Monday, wounding at least five people and causing considerable damage to the building that houses many foreign journalists, Iraqi police and journalists said.

The insurgents last attacked the hotel about a year ago. The A.P. notes that the hotel has been attacked "several times" since the war began, reminding us that "[o]n April 8, 2003 — the day before Saddam Hussein's regime fell — U.S. tank fire killed two TV cameramen — a Spaniard and a Ukrainian — at the hotel."

Of course, the American tank was returning fire, so it is stretching things just a tad to characterize that first incident as an "attack."

Today's unprovoked attack produced casualties of indeterminate number and nationality. Since European judges have taken to indicting American soldiers for shooting at the Palestine Hotel in self-defense, we anxiously await news of corresponding "Mohammed Doe" indictments of the terrorists responsible for today's attempted murder.


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