Monday, October 24, 2005

The Brazilians defeat a ban on guns 

The BBC explains quite clearly, I think, why Brazilians voted overwhelming to reject a proposed ban on guns:
Sixty-four percent of those who voted rejected the proposed ban, which was backed by the government, the Catholic Church and the United Nations.

Leaving the Catholic Church out of it (and many people wouldn't), who in their right mind would vote to surrender any right on the request of their own government and the United Nations?


By Anonymous spurwing plover, at Mon Oct 24, 09:53:00 AM:

A big win for common sense and it looks like the people of BRAZIL can set a example for the rest of the world do you think they have their own NRA?  

By Anonymous dodave, at Tue Oct 25, 06:20:00 PM:

The Catholic and other Christian churchs are too often on the wrong side of social issues such as gun control, war and capital punishment which is really interesting since there is little scripture in the Bible to support these positions. More likely the church leaders have bought the leftist liberal mantra which can be quite persuasive.  

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