Monday, June 27, 2005

More on Karl Rove 

Here's the transcript from the Washington Post

Big deal. What Rove said is so controversial? You must be kidding. Politics is a contact sport. Clinton clearly understands the need for the Democratic Party to adopt and articulate a coherent Security Policy. Rove simply cited all sorts of so- called liberals -- Moveon.org, Michael Moore, Senator Durbin, Howard Dean -- who have, in place of coherent Security Policy, articulated senselessness and idiocy. He called them out.

Rove did the Democratic Party a huge bloody favor. He told them specifically who's killing them. When will some serious Democrat "come out" and trash these fools in a Sister Souljah moment? And it can't be Joe Lieberman. Zell Miller didn't wake them from their stupor either. It has to be a prominent potential winner. Or maybe Bill Clinton himself? Hillary? In their wanderings, the Democrats are turning to Jimmy Carter and Zbig Brzezinski - the biggest foreign policy losers in American history!


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