Monday, April 25, 2005

I know what her husband wants her to do... 

It's a choice that could give pause to some Green Bay Packers fans. A judge ordered a woman convicted of theft to decide whether to spend 90 days in jail or donate her family's Packers tickets next season to charity.


By Blogger Charlottesvillain, at Mon Apr 25, 08:21:00 PM:

Its a no brainer. If she starts her sentence now she can be out in time for the Hall of Fame Game.  

By Blogger viking kaj, at Tue Apr 26, 11:22:00 AM:

Further Details from the Oshkosh Nortwestern...

"The criminal complaint states that Rosenthal had taken money totaling more than $3,000 from labor union accounts prior to leaving the organization’s membership. The check transactions were later discovered. When interviewed by police, Rosenthal said the money was taken and later reimbursed from her husband’s retirement fund. She withdrew money from the union in order to help pay household bills, according to the complaint.

While Rosenthal told police financial hardship was an issue, she and her husband managed to maintain the cost of four tickets to the Packers’ three-game season package.

Rosenthal argued that the tickets were her husband’s rather than hers. Judge Scott Woldt nonetheless offered her the decision to either serve the jail time or donate the 12 tickets for the upcoming season to the Make-A-Wish Foundation."  

By Blogger viking kaj, at Tue Apr 26, 11:49:00 AM:

If that doesn't put the mustard on your bratwurst I don't know what will. This is obvious grounds for appeal on eight amendment grounds. On top of that I bet the judge is from Minnesota.

So if I'm the husband and I own the tickets the decision is easy. After all, in Wisconsin acceptable grub is as close as your local watering hole. Plus couples always need to take a little vacation from each other from time to time. You know if the local prison outfits are federal safety yellow once she gets out Ms. Rosenthal may be able to get by with this as alternate fan wear.

If Sharon does decide to do the time I think she deserves an automatic nomination to the Packer Fan Hall of Fame. See http://www.packers.com/fans/fan_hall_of_fame/ . She could always do a sinner and saints tour with Sister Isaac Jogues Rousseau, the 2003 inductee.

It's too bad the judge can't imprison the Packer front office for getting rid of the secondary in the free agent market, I have the feeling it's going to be a long season for the rest of us.  

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